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Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2005 5:49 PM
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Hi All,
HELP!!!! PLEASE.....
Please help. We have a HUGE problem with dilapidated badly managed sewage farms throughout the West Rand.
Please help create awareness. Below.
Very best to you all
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From: Mike Buchanan <mailto:mikebuchanan@mweb.co.za>  
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Subject: Dead Fish

Hi All
Hundreds, if not thousands, of indigenous fish and other creatures are being killed in the upper Crocodile River. This is as a result of "extreme" negligence by  the management and or Municipal Authority that controls The Driefontein Wastewater Treatment Works on the Crocodile River.
A 24hr pulse of raw sewage has been allowed to enter this once stressed aquatic ecosystem within The Cradle of Human Kind World Heritage Site (CHK WHS) catchment.  Now rendering this section of the river useless to anything that once thrived in it.
Reducing the entire riverine aquatic value! Quite frankly abominable..... I am told this has happened previously without remediation to the cause!
The same said 24 hr pulse of raw sewage plume has destroyed all fish life. Many carp and  hundreds of valuable yellow fish have been killed. Some of the fish are around 1/2 a meter in length!
The stench of sewage and rotting fish is very evident. Who is responsible for the rehabilitation of this spill?
I have attached pictures of  a few of the dead fish. This situation is unacceptable as this is CHK WHS catchment.

Humans are collecting and eating the fish!
Please help me create URGENT awareness around major problems we are facing within the CHK WHS and West Rand as a result of sewage reticulation systems deficit. Or management thereof.
Someone at Mogale City and or JHB Town Planning is simply issuing development rights without contemplating adequate wastewater processing. They also seem to be clueless around karst and catchment occlusion and development.
Need I remind you that our water deficit will  shortly be upon us. This type of irresponsible mistake cannot be tolerated.
This will surely cost the taxpayer much.... Let alone the PERMANENT damage to this system and assosiated karst belt at this point.
Very best
Mike Buchanan
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