Low Pro fishing for Yellowfish at Sterkies by Trevor Babich

Sounds very technical, but the truth of the matter is I fly-fish sitting on my backside much to the merriment of my fishing buddies.

Low Profile (on my butt) method

While they are traipsing up and down the mountainside clothed in cammo's, nogal, in the hot sun like a bunch of mountain goats, I am as close to the water as possible sometimes sitting under an umbrella roll casting flies to the fish. Most people don't know but the higher you are up on the cliffs the more likely you will fall within the fishes line of vision.

I might be an old goat, but I am not of the mountain variety

The water at Sterkies is crystal clear and I believe that when the fish are wary, if you can see them they can see you and every move you make.

Tim Babich "striking gold"

Instead of casting to the cruising fish I cast a dry towards where I anticipate the fishes direction of travel. Using the "dead drift" method and mending thee line proves very successful.

A "Steam train" comes to the net

If the yellows come up and bump the fly, do not retrieve it because they might even do this a few times before they take it.

Cameron Anderson agent for temple forkrods

Because high winds are prevalent at this dam a lot of terrestrials are blown onto the water and are found in the scum lines. Using imitation patterns of these goggas should prove most effective. Sometimes it will be helpful to put a small dropper underneath your dry fly.

Tim making a habit of it yet again