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Subject: Van Der Merwe in London brilliant!!!!!!!

Van der Merwe goes to London to watch the Boks take on the Poms at Twikenham.

Whilst in London, he walks around, gaping and staring at everything - so much so that he walks smack bang into a fire hydrant which hits him so hard on the family jewels that he has to be rushed to hospital where the doctors tell him they have to remove his testicles.

Van goes beserk: he bites and snarls at every one and he won't let anybody within 10 metres of him. Eventually they find a South African doctor in the hospital and get him to talk to Van.

He walks up to Van and tells him "Hey Van, die ouens moet jou knaters uithaal."

Van replies "O, okay, ek dog die bliksems wil my test tickets vat."