Office of the Head of Nature Conservation


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                Enquiries: Dirk Boshoff

The Directorate wishes to thank you for your interest in nature conservation and the effort you make to ensure that the correct information regarding the legislation on the conservation reaches the angler and the general public. Unfortunately this Directorate can only speak for the Gauteng Province, as each of the nine provinces has own legislative competencies in terms of the Constitution.
Herewith my response regarding your questions as listed:

In terms of the Constitution of South Africa, Nature Conservation is a provincial competency has been entrusted to nine new provinces. Previously only one license was required for the old Transferal Province, but after 1994, and in terms of the new Constitution. Transvaal was divided into four new provincial provinces with each its own provincial government. The result is four separate angling licenses for the former Transvaal Province.

A fishing license is required for angling in any public waters in the Gauteng Province at a cost of R25.00 with a validity period from 1 July until 30 June of the following year. These licenses are for sale at various angling shops as well as some revenue offices. A person can also purchase a license book at a cost of R1250.00 or a single license for R25.00 at the Permits Office of this Department. The contact person is Ms. Sophy Mphahlele at (011) 355 1207 or at e-mail address Gauteng does not have any proclaimed trout waters.ssss

Previously funds from fishing license went to the state coffers but since the 2nd May 2002 with the implementation of cost recovery in his Department, cost recovered funds have been ring fenced for Nature Conservation, and these funds will be used for conservation purposes such as research on the sustainainable off take of fish in the Province as well as for awareness and law enforcement and compliance purposes. Anglers will benefit in that the resource they use will be available to be harvested sustainably for many years to come.

The Gauteng Directorate of Nature Conservation has a Law Enforcement and Compliance Division stationed at Head Office in Johannesburg which deals with ant illegal activities such as gillnetting. Any illegal activities can be reported to the mentioned Law Enforcement Division at (011) 355-1257 during office hours or (082) 759 0078 after hours.

The Law Enforcement Division reacts to complaints as well as information received from the public. In addition to this routine inspections are also done.

The Law Enforcement Division of this Directorate does routine inspections throughout Gauteng.

Gauteng Conservation still uses Ordinance 12 of 1983, which is the best known Ordinance for the public. The following points are important to know regarding angling within Gauteng.

  • A person needs a fishing license as explained in point 2.
  • Important information regarding the numbers and sizes of is printed on the reverse side of the fishing license.
  • Only two fishing rods with no more than two hooks per rod are allowed.
  • No person shall, while angling, employ a method to hook fish other than in the mouth.
  • No person are allowed to catch fish with gillnets except the owner where the land completely surrounds such waters. This means where no river system runs though the waters or dam, no river system runs though the waters or dam.
  • No person shall make a feeding area in waters by placing any animal, vegetable or any other substance therein to allure the fish by virtue of the edibility, smell or taste thereof.
  • No person shall place an object, which floats in water, which serves as a marker indicating the place where there is any object, substance, agent or product under the water, which allures or is likely to allure fish.
  • No person is allowed to sell live freshwater fish unless he is the holder of a permit.
  • No person shall organize, arrange, control, mange or hold an angling competition in which either alone or together with any other event, a prize or prizes exceeding R300.00 in cash or nature are offered, unless he/she is the holder of the permit.
The National Government will in the foreseeable future be promulgating a new National Act on the Protection of Biodiversity. It is foreseen that the Provinces will then adapt their Provincial legislation to be in line with the National Legislation. It is the intention of this office that the new Provincial act will be easy understand. The national as well as the provincial governments will, as is normal practice, follow public participation processes in the drafting of these new acts.

Fishing License for the Gauteng Province are available Shops, Fishing Tackle Shops as well as various Angling l as some Revenue Offices within Gauteng. Conservation authorities from the other provinces should be contacted for information regarding their fishing license.