Fishing Beginner Series

Part Two: Tactics for Success

To be able to successfully catch fish, any fish, the angler needs to apply a fixed formula. If any one part of the formula is missing, or not applied, the chances of actually catching a fish are very small, and will depend on luck only.

The formula is actually very simple: S + H + F + T = Success.

The ‘S’ stands for Species Knowledge.

You must know the habits of the fish that you are trying to catch, namely what its lifecycle is, how and where and on what it feeds.

The ‘H’ stands for Habitat,

namely you must know where to locate the fish at different times of the year. Fish do not stay in the same place or at the same depth throughout the year.

The ‘F’ stands for food.

When you know what the fish eats, you will be able to use the right bait on your hooks.    

The ‘T’ stands for Tackle.

This refers not only to using the right tackle for the type of fishing you are doing, but also to knowing how to use it correctly.

These four parts of the formula equal Success!

 Species Knowledge

The more you know about a species of fish, the better you will be able to plan your fishing. Refer to the section “SPECIES” for detailed information on the various and most popular species.


Knowledge of the preferred habitats of different species is closely linked to Species Knowledge. Knowing where fish are during the different seasons is very important. Remember: the best tackle and the best bait is of no use if you are fishing where there no fish!


The types of food each species prefers follows closely on your knowledge of the fish. This knowledge will enable you to use bait that is either the food it eats in nature, or closely resembles its natural food.


There is a wide variety of tackle available, all designed to make your fishing more comfortable, but more importantly, more effective.