Fisheries Anti-Corruption Team

The fisheries Anti Corruption Team (FACT) is a Non Governmental Organization formed to eliminate Corruption from within the Fishing Industry. The underlying reason for the formation of FACT, is that the authorities have and consistently display a distinct lack of enthusiasm in decisively and appropriately eliminating Corruption. FACT are in position of evidence to support this contention. Should you be aware of any evidence of Corruption, or in any manner be affected by the rift Corruption and Manipulation affecting the Fishing Industry. FACT will assist you to effectively beat the Corruption. Tackling corruption in the Fishing Industry as an individual is an extremely costly, tiresome and difficult task, but by strategizing, pooling resources and expertise and working as a collective group the struggle against corruption within the fishing Industry can competently be overcome.

For further information concerning FACT call 021 780 1757.

In due course, FACT will give Notice in the media of a date, time and venue whereat those affected by corruption and/or interested in protecting our Marine Resources from unscrupulous operators, for the benefit of future generations, may come together to exact methodology to be implemented in the struggle to effectively overcome corruption within the Fishing Industry.

Those currently engaged within the Fishing Industry and understandably afraid of compromising their position by their disclosure of Corruption and Manipulation will be assisted anonymously should this be a prerequisite for their participation. Kindly forward written representation with evidence, detailing your particular dilemma under pseudonym if necessary, to Fishiers Anti Corruption Team P.O. Box 488, Simonstown, 7995. "Registered Mail" should ensure that FACT receive it. Representations may also be forwarded to email to

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