Medjumbe Island - Blue Sky - Blue Sea - Golden Sand & Sunshine

While surfing the net to go somewhere with better weather I came across an island called Medjumbe on the Sportfish Africa website.

by Trevor & Sue Babich

I looked it up on my limited map and could not find it. Not surprising it is only about 1km by 800m in size depending on the tides.

To cut a long story short the island is situated north of Beira about 30 minutes by light plane from the town of Pemba.


We flew to Maputo - what a pleasant surprise. The airport once synonymous with the worlds worst smelling toilets had been completely revamped.   Compared with previously encountered Mozambique customs and immigration our passage to our next flight was smooth. It would have been a lot faster if somebody enlightened the authorities to the fact of bar coded passports and scanners.

the staff interviewed was when I was working at. the other thing is.

At Pemba we flew by light aircraft to the island to be greeted by an extremely friendly welcoming committee. An excellent start to our stay was when we were requested to put our watches forward by one hour to "Medjumbe Time"

The resort is operated by Rani Resorts and Medjumbe sleeps 26 in 13 very nice well thought out chalets with all the mod cons. (no children allowed).

Polana polana casino sister resort the staff recruitment was atotal of 3,900 locals from the mainland whom where interviewed for the 40 staff vacancies there, there are 45 staff on Medjumbe. Most of those employed had to take a crash course in English and be trained in the duties. Despite the difficulties the service was excellent.

web master with his cuppa delivered personally by the GM Tony. This mode of fishing is becoming more and more popular for the "harderned" flyfisher

Without fear of contradiction Tony the General Manager is one of the best I have encountered on my many African trips. The staff and service were superb.

The sheer enormity of keeping the food and beverage side of a remote island efficiently in of all places like Mozambique running completely amazed me.

Resturant and Bar

The food was excellent and catered for most tastes. Plenty of seafood and a bar snack for 2 was a giant crayfish which certainly limited ones main course food intake.

A young man by the name of David who left the Congo with his father at age 15 was on the island on behalf of his father who was situated in America and who had instructed him to investigate the feasibility of purchasing a lease on an island for development.

David decided to hire one of the boats to investigate a nearby island and we went along locally known as "bandit island".