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Swami Calls For An Up-Wising - Wise Up, Everybody The Evolution Has Begun

By Swami Beyondananda


For years now, we've been hearing "shift happens," and wondering when, where
and how. Now finally, it looks as if the shift is about to hit the fan. This
is good news for all those shift fans who've been wondering if the new age
will arrive before old age does. Of course, if you're looking for signs in
the news, you won't find them. At least, not yet. The news might as well be
called the "olds," because the world still seems stuck in greedlock, ruled
by fossilized fools fueled by fossil fuels. But I have been receiving
encouraging intelligence reports that say indeed, humans are becoming more
intelligent. Yes, people everywhere are wising up. And that's great, because
we could sure use an up-wising!
The evolution has begun. But before we see changes in the old needy-greedy,
we humans must change our consciousness -- and the first step is becoming
conscious of how unconscious we've been. As the saying goes, the truth shall
upset you free, and last year saw lots of disillusionment. But what better
to free us from the far more dangerous condition of illusionment? If we want
to stop the abuse of power, the first step is to disabuse ourselves. So,
here's some good news: Despite a massive media impropaganda machine that
feeds the public "babblum" (strained bullshit made digestible for a simple
child's mind), more and more Americans are reading between the lyins' and
peering behind the Irony Curtain.

In 2005, Americans had to face the sad realization that the Bush
Administration's "pro-life" stance appears to be limited to the unborn and
the brain-dead. Despite being panned by critics everywhere, the Iraqi Horror
Picture Show continued its run, as thousands and thousands of born fetuses -
ours and theirs -- lost their right to life. While we may or may not have
saved our face by staying there, we have most definitely lost our ass. And
we've been assured we'll be stuck in that morass until -- well, until
there's no more ass to lose. Meanwhile, more and more Americans reached
another sad conclusion: We're not in Iraq to keep the peace, we're there to
keep the pieces.

The signs of up-wising are everywhere. Even the most unpleasant stories are
beginning to break through the soundless barrier and defy the President's
"don't ask, don't tell" policy: "You promise not to ask us what we're doing,
and we promise not to tell you." Although we've been inundated with
"fear-gnomes" and ominously warned we have to protect ourselves in this
dogma-eat-dogma world, a majority of Americans are no longer comfortable
with the notion that the only way to defeat the "evil-doers" in the world is
to out evil-do them. Although our President has assured us that "we don't
torture," it is now common knowledge that we simply send detainees to
countries that do torture when we want them to "testify under oaf."

As for those progressives who've been whining that the President "never
listens" to them, well it turns out he's been listening all along. And
thanks to the so-called Patriot Act (which, I understand, is about to be
renamed the Eternal Insecurity Act), it looks like he'll be able to listen
in even more -- all in the name of making us safe. But now even some
Republicans are beginning to see that there's a difference between
protection and the "protection racket." And with the recent revelations
about Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff and other gold collar criminals, some of the
more devout conservatives have come to realize that the "family values" they
voted for bear an uncanny resemblance to Soprano Family values.

If there was any warm feeling in 2005, chalk it up to climate change.
Katrina hit, and in the government's response we saw a future when at last
all Americans will be equal -- where everyone regardless of race or creed
will be treated like Black folks.

Alarming Policies Have Awakened Millions!
Fortunately, this is the State of the Universe Address, and from a universal
perspective, things are humming along quite nicely. It turns out that the
Earth is the talk of the Universe these days. In fact, the odds-makers at
the Intergalactic Enquirer say the odds are actually in our favor: "We're
betting on the human race to reach critical mass before they get to critical
massacre." And we could beat the odds, if we finally gave up our addiction
to getting even and got odd instead. It stands to reason. If each of us used
our unique oddness to improve the odds for everyone, there would be no need
for getting even.

Yes, the up-wising has begun, and intergalactic observers are saying that we
have none other than George W. Bush to thank. How is that, you may ask?
Well, I am reminded of a story my guru Harry Cohen Baba used to tell. A
well-known minister died and arrived at the Pearly Gates at the same time as
a cab-driver from New York. The cabbie was ushered in, but the clergyman was
left waiting outside. After waiting and waiting and waiting, he finally
called over the attending angel. "Excuse me, but I'm a renowned minister.
How come you let that cab-driver in, and I'm left waiting out here?" "Well,"
the angel said, "when you preached, everyone slept. But when he drove,
everyone prayed."
For millennia, spiritual teachers have been calling on us to go for the
highest common denominator, but we've always seemed to end up with the
lowest common dominator instead. And now, George W. Bush has done what
preachers, teachers and other far-sighted visionaries have failed to do up
until now: His policies have been so alarming, that he has awakened a
slumbering body politic that slept through all previous alarms. Where others
have failed, he has people all across the world praying, "God help us!" And
instead of waiting for an intervention from above -- after all, we cannot
expect to be fed intervenously forever -- people are beginning to help
themselves, and even more importantly, help each other.

Sure, there are still plenty of Not-Sees out there who insist on not seeing
that we humans are all in the same boat. The good news is, more and more
Americans are getting that sinking feeling that there's only one Earthship,
and ignoring a leak because it's "on the other side of the boat," is a
mistake of titanic proportions.
We Are the Leaders We've Been Waiting For

America, the world's only super-power, doesn't need a revolution. We've
already had one, thank you. What is needed now -- and what has already
begun -- is the American Evolution where enough of us wake up and see that
those two political parties have been partying on our dime, and we the
people haven't been invited. Time to go beyond choosing the lesser of two
weasels. If we want to evolve the dream of our Founding Fathers -- instead
of devolve into the nightmare of Big Brother -- we must become the leaders
we've been waiting for. I've said it before. The only force more powerful
than a super-power is a Super-Duper Power -- the power of the people plus
the power of love. And anyone who doesn't believe we are a Super-Duper
Power, well they have been super-duped!

It's true, many people still feel that the affairs of the world should be
left to the bolder and badder among us. But look what that leaves us with:
Are you satisfied choosing between Saddam Hussein and George Who's-Not-Sane?
Now I know those "God, guns and guts" Old Testament Christians might have
forgotten, but Jesus did say that the meek shall inherit the earth. In all
undue immodesty, maybe it's time for us meek folks to boldly step forth and
accept our inheritance.

For just as 2000 years ago Jesus stood up to a class that placed the rule of
gold above the Golden Rule, today we face the modern version of the
Pharisees -- the Phallusees, I think they are called. They cynically cloak
themselves in religious robes, but the only power they trust is the power of
the stick. Well, there's another old saying: It doesn't matter how big your
stick is, if you stick your stick where it doesn't belong, you're stuck.

Another sign of the up-wising and coming evolution is that people are
growing dissatisfied with the positionality of "my side vs. your side," and
are seeing the whole issue of sides from a new angle:  Maybe we're all on
the same side. For example, this argument between creationism and evolution
is just another way for dueling dualities to steal our energy. I believe in
both. I believe the Creator created us to evolve, otherwise Jesus would have
said, "Now don't do a thing till I return." I have it on good authority that
the Creator is pulling for us: "Come on, you children of God. Time to grow
up and become adults of God instead."

Time to Overgrow the System From the Grassroots Up
The time for revolution and overthrowing has past. Now we need an evolution
where we "overgrow" the current dysfunctional system from the grassroots up.
You are probably familiar with the story of the Native American grandfather
who tells his grandson that there are two wolves fighting inside all of us:
The wolf of fear and anger, and the wolf of love and peace.
"Which wolf will win?" asks the young boy.
"Whichever one we feed," replies the grandfather.

And so when people ask me to predict what will happen, I tell them the only
thing I can predict with certainty is the uncertainty of any prediction. The
future's just too unpredictable these days. This is a Universe of infinite
possibilities, so it all depends on which futures we invest in.

There is something far more empowerful than predictions, and that is
Tell-A-Vision. If you're fed up with the current programming, my advice is
turn off your TV and tell a vision instead. That way, we will have healing
and functional visions to step into -- and that beats what we've been
stepping into. So I will tell my vision for 2006: This is the year of the
American Evolution, where all those who prefer the Golden Rule to the rule
of gold get past left and right, and come front and center.

I see Americans of all political stripes, plaids and polka dots (not to
mention solids), choosing to face the music and dance together. Sure, we'll
have to learn some new steps, but it's time for a new dance - A-Bun-Dance.
That is where we get up off our assets, move our buns, and dance together in
rhythm and flow. And what better way to turn the funk into function, and
leave the junk at the junction?

I see us in a new reality show -- Extreme Planetary Makeover -- where
everyone can play and everyone can win. Just think. Something more
compelling than reality TV ... it's called reality!

I know, I know. Only a crazy person would dare to propose anything that
sane. But maybe it's time to declare the current institutionalized insanity
illegally insane, and set about building a sane asylum big enough for all
six and a half billion of us. As my guru Harry Cohen Baba has said, "Life is
like a good deli. Even if something isn't on the menu, if enough people
order it they have to make it." So what kind of new world order are we
ordering up? Do we feed the wolf of fear and buy into the "it's every man
for himself" story? Or do we nourish the wolf of love and evolve into the
"we're all in it together" story?

If we're going to be a Super-Duper Power, we have to be super-duper powerful
in activating the power of love, and cultivating the power of joy. So laugh
more. Why not? We all know there's something funny going on. The wall of
lies cannot withstand the vibration of laughter. All seriousness aside, only
a farce field that combines truth and laughter can bring down the Irony
Curtain once and for all.

Release the old story -- been there, done that -- and speak the new story
into the world. Dare to imagine what we could be doing if we weren't
spending so much of our livelihood on weapons of deadlihood. Think about it
... think tanks where they think about something other than tanks. Young
people living for their country instead of dying for it. Health and
education fully funded, and the Air Force having to run a bake sale so they
can buy a new bomber.

Can we change the course of history? Can we shift our karma into surpassing
gear? I cannot say for sure, but if we choose to give up that old Dodge and
trade it in for an Evolvo, that's a good first step. So ... let the
Evolution begin. We don't have to wait until the first Big Shot is fired. If
we create a powerful enough field, the Big Shots will end up firing

May the FARCE -- as always -- be with us.