(Oncorhynchus mykiss from S gairdnerii)
Rainbow trout

A cold water exotic fish found at higher altitudes with the Rainbow being more common. Nowadays trout are stocked predominantly on a ”catch and release” basis for economic reasons. Some fish farmers still work on the “put and take” system.

Because trout are found in the colder climate areas most flyfishers have to travel more than their coarse angling counterparts. Consequently more and more flyfishers are using their method of angling to catch other salt and freshwater species which provides them with many thrills and spills. Briefly, flyfishing entails tying various materials like hair, feathers, tinsel etc. onto a hook in a pattern to resemble a specific type of food present in the water. The fly is then retrieved either underneath (wet) or on top (dry) of the water in varying ways to imitate the food it is sup-posed to represent.

Because the trout is such a highly-developed predator legislation pre-cludes the use of bait and spinning rigs lest the trout population be decimated. One is only allowed to use conventional flyfishing tackle and flies which in itself is an artful and fascinating way of catching fish.


says "Man who pollutes his fishing spot is definitely lacking in character and good sense".