Wetlands and Stream Destruction

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Changes to a natural environment due to the establishment of a mono culture timber plantation (invasive alien tree species) is considered irreversible.

I urge subscribers in the Western Cape to contact the local Dept. of Water Affairs & Forestry. Inquire about the legality of the developments mentioned below. Remember that any new timber plantation has to have a permit, and strict regulations have to be followed with regard to riperian zones and wetlands, where NO planting is to occur.


Philip Owen



Subject: Re: Wetlands and stream destruction


Hi Pete It has been brought to our attention that wetlands along the Buffels and now Salt Rivers in the southern Cape near Plettenberg Bay are being threatened by development of polo fields and afforestation with pines. Evidently these activities have been undertaken without any EIA or scoping reports.

In 2000 when Mr P Thorpe applied for a permit to introduce trout into the Salt River this was turned down because of the impact this would have on indigenous and endemic fauna in the river. Mr Thorpe has sold his farm and the new owners are now going ahead with these new developments without any consideration for the environment. The development of polo fields has had a severe impct on the wetlands and rivers in the region. The Buffels River has run dry for the first time in living memory.

Is there anything you people can do to stop this madness?

I have contacted Nature Conservation and am awaiting their response.

I would appreciate your comments and possible action from the wetlands group.

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