Fishing Owl's Newsletter

2nd Quater of 2006

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Hi Fellow Anglers,

At Fishing Owl we have some very experienced all round anglers.

For too many years unfortunately the art of fly fishing has been promoted as
being for the elite and extremely expensive. This is absolute nonsense and
put many an angler off from taking it up as a form of angling.

What is even worse is that there are very few tackle shops that employ staff
who sell tackle without even having the faintest knowledge about fly fishing
and invariably sell the customer the wrong goods that will even put the
bravest and most persistent off the sport for life.

School holidays nowadays can be extremely difficult for parents who both
work finding ways to keep their children occupied.

I have 4 sons and if I have given them nothing in life it is a keen
appreciation of the outdoors as opposed to all the other things youngsters
seem to get involved in nowadays which need no elaboration.

The world is moving at such a fast pace that the generation gap between
parents and their children is closing rapidly. What better way to widen the
gap than the family going fishing.

We are going to try an experiment and run fly fishing courses during the
school holidays on our plot ( without a dam) in Boksburg on the East Rand In

This will be an introductory course, Mum's and dads can also participate.

Tackle will be provided but those who have their own tackle are welcome to
bring it along.

The first fly fishing one will start on the 11th of July -at 9 a.m
. to 3 o clock.

Please ensure that everybody brings warm clothes in case the weather turns

Only youngsters older than 12 years will be accepted.

The kids must bring their own food and drinks. The reason being that to
cater for all types of likes and allergies is impractical.

A fully qualified REFFIS instructor will run the course.

The cost will be R150-00 per participant and there will be prizes for
various categories.

Bookings are essential because the numbers will be limited.

Being first class anglers does not necessary qualify the Fishing Owl team to
match their angling skills with running a website and any input from you
anglers out there would be appreciated.

A recently published book on the 200 best angling website in the world was
published. Only 2 rated to be included in this book, namely Fishing Owl and
another site which unfortunately has now folded.

Apart from supplying tackle for all forms of angling the Fishing Owl shop
now has the biggest and most comprehensive range of fly fishing flies and
tying material of all the tackle shops combined on the East Rand. In
addition the staff is fully qualified to offer free advise. Even if you have
bought your tackle elsewhere and cannot seem to get it to work the staff
will at no cost or obligation show you how to use it.

The deteriorating quality of the countries water is becoming of extreme
concern not only to anglers but to the health of the public. Anglers are in
the forefront of the fight to get the Government to wake up.

Go into the Conservation section of the website and see if there is some way
you can assist. The Water Act is also on the site and people who witness
pollution can also be charged for not reporting it.

Our Minister Of Crime And Grime said in Parliament the other day that the
people who whinge about crime should leave the country. Maybe he should
leave his army of bodyguards at home and go out fishing on his own. There is
a good possibility that he will then become a candidate to leave the

Tight lines and safe angling,

Trevor Babich,