Annual Boat inspection

A reminder of what is needed to comply

- One buoyancy aid of appropriate size to be provided for each person on board.
- Waterproof torch including full set of spare batteries and a spare bulb.
- suitable fire extinguisher one per engine.
- 2 oars or paddles
- Capsize rope for use when vessel is inverted in water.
- Proper patent anchor and chain with suitable length of rope.
- First aid kit.
- Spares
- Tools.
- Bow eye and stern eye.
- Petrol tanks must be red or UN approved in accordance with SAMSA regulations.
- All equipment to be marked with water repellent marker with registration number.
- Boat trailer must be marked with owners name; boat registration and owners contact number.
- Emergency steering
- Bailing bucket
- Buoyancy certificate / Life ring
- Photo of boat (in colour)
For those who still don't have their skippers licence, contact Laz Feher

cell 082 460 0978