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Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 13:25:17 +0200
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South Africa

There is a need for people with little to no knowledge of the
environmental legal frameworks, or of their rights and responsibilities
as individuals, to be able to seek advice on lodging complaints or of
what their responsibilities is.

With a “spare” telephone line and answering machine, Robin Clanahan
offered to have this designated as the Environmental Hotline, which he
could attend to whenever convenient. The Hotline number was publicized
via the GEASPHERE mailing list, and received coverage in at least two
papers, the Landbou Weekblad and the Kruger Times.

There was an immediate response, dealing with everything from surface
coal mining problems through to finding a rehabilitation center for a
pair of African Wild Cat kittens, which look as if they might have
little dilution by feral domestic cats. Most of the comments were from
Mpumalanga, but some were as far afield as Tosca- between Kuruman and

For the future, with more widespread use, the hotline can be of
significant service to the community at large, assisting regulatory
bodies in the policing of illegal activities and helping those who need
information. Whether it should be driven from a central hub, with field
work done from regional cells, or operating from regional centers, needs
to be debated. What is evident is that people who have phoned in are
very appreciative of the support and have taken the opportunity to say

A meeting will be held at the Mpumalanga Parks Board auditorium on
Wednesday, 20 July at 2pm to discuss the way forward, (funding /
management) and to appoint an Hotline advisory committee.

For more information contact:
Robin Clanahan
Cell: 0832584933
Philip Owen
Cell: 0826369129



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