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May/June Fishing Owl News Letter

Hi Fisher folk,

I have not sent out a newsletter for some time. The main reason being that
the comedians like Leon Shuster etc. are having a good time. They do not
have to think up something to write about, it is all done for them by the
powers that be.

Despite the fact that anglers make a considerable contribution to the
economy and job creation we are being put in a position where it is becoming
too expensive to go fishing.

Our farmers who hold riparian rights are been put in a position where they
are not prepared to let people onto their property because of the crime
situation. It certainly does not help when we have "tender bender" Juliass
Malema encouraging his followers to sing the kill the boer, shoot the farmer

Legislation designed to put many farmers out of business has encouraged a
lot of them leaving the country for other Southern African countries where
they are welcomed with open arms. Their previous farms are then occupied by
a few tin huts with chickens scratching around in the dust with a few sad
looking Mielie plants because of this baits from maize will soon have to be imported
and it will cost the anglers more money.

Licences to strip mine for coal by people with faulty environmental
documentation drawn up by the local corner cafe are going to end up with
numerous rivers and wetlands being polluted beyond repair.
The mined coal is for power stations and will cause air pollution and
contribute to global warming. At the same time motorists are paying a
fortune for fuel and to add insult to injury an emission tax on motor
vehicles has been introduced.

Despite the fact that by government asking for comment by the public about
the rates to be charged for the new toll roads they must think the public is
stupid. Toll fees must have been set when the overseas contractors were busy
signing the documentation to erect and operate the system.

My solution to the problem is to drive at 80km per hour. If every angler did
this the government might wake up and see the sunshine.

Please Note
New & Keen Mpumalanga Fly Fishing Association (MFFA) Affiliated to The South
African Fly Fishing Association (SAFFA) is up and running.

Four so far of the many Mpumalanga Clubs have come together to form the Fly Fishing section in
organized angling.   Senior men, ladies and juniors 18 years and under who are interested in upping your social
fly fishing skills or taking the higher level competitive fly fishing and aspiring to the elusive
green and gold Protea Colours are welcomed to contact any of the Clubs for more information on how to join.

Belfast Fly Fishing Club - Magda VISAGIE,
The Rand Piscatorial (RPA) - Lyle Smith l
Dullstroom Fly Fishing Club - Paul Vallet
Curamis - Tom Bouwer

If you know of any Fly fishing club in Mpumalanga which might be interested in being part of this program
contact the steering Committee Secretary Andre Du Plessis

Tight lines,
Trevor Babich
Web-master - Trevor Babich