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Hallo Trevor, I will come directly to the point……..
I nearly fell of my chair when I read this biggest lot of rubbish in my life – the real cause of the pollution is have been established years ago – MANY meetings took place with absolutely no action
Carp and Barbel were in the dam ( in abundance ) in earlier years and NEVER was the water so bad – Open the newspaper everyday to see the scams from individuals to the government.
Somebody wants to sell the fish to make money
They should all focus on the real problem – read todays paper ( Beeld) on the article on Kliprivier  - interesting that no fish ( carp or barbell) gets the blame for the state this river is in……….
Trevor let me stop here and rather write a letter when I feel better – but I’m afraid on this subject I will die with anger in my hard because only when everything has deteriated to the point of extinction will the people in charge take action – Fact is this will never happen because the people in charge DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER!!
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Subject: FOW Newsletter Jan-Feb 2008
Subject: FOW Newsletter Jan-Feb 2008
Hi Fellow Anglers,

I am sure everybody is aware of the electricity crisis. There is another crisis looming around the corner and that is the shocking deterioration of the countries scarce water resources.

Just to give one small example, half the contestants in the Duzi Marathon fell ill because of the serious amount of ecoli in the water – 6 times more than the safe limit!!!!

Water Affairs are holding meetings with role players to try and bring Hartebeespoort back to life and the following is the result of their deliberations. I am not going to comment at this stage and would very much like the readers to e-mail their comments to 4_babich@fishingowl.co.za <mailto:4_babich@fishingowl.co.za>

News on Harties
Hartbeespoort Dam has for a number of years experienced unacceptable high levels of algae on the dam. This has had a negative affect on the water quality, the fish life, use of the dam and the environment. In order to improve the water quality and related problems at Hartbeespoort Dam the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) has initiated a remediation programme, called Harties Metsi A Me, that is working towards improving the situation at the dam. Randwater is the implementing agent for this project. 

However, for this improved situation to be maintained, the people living in the Hartbeespoort area has to take responsibility for the dam. Metsi A Me, meaning My Water calls for all of us to become water watch dogs and ensure that our valuable water resources are kept clean and that water is used wisely.
Fishery Project at Hartbeespoort Dam off to a good start
Media release by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
21 January 2008

The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry’s Water Resource Manager at Hartbeespoort has expressed his excitement over the start up of the fishery project which is part of the Hartbeespoort Dam Remediation Programme, called Harties, Metsi a me - My water.  According to Mr Petrus Venter the first harvesting of the undesirable fish started on Tuesday, 15 January 2008, and the task manager for the fishery project, Professor Gert Steyn, says he is satisfied with the progress made thus far.  
Mr Venter says a crucial element of the programme is to restore the nutrient balance in the dam.  The food web plays an important role in this and can only be achieved if the trophic status in Hartbeespoort Dam has been restored.  At present the dam is dominated by the coarse species, namely Catfish, Carp and Canary Kurper.  
Mr Venter explained that the sun, which is an important source of energy, stimulates the nutrients in the water and causes the algae and hyacinths to grow.  As they die, some of them sink and the bottom feeders, namely the Catfish and the Carp, feed on the dead material in the sediment.  The result of their actions stirs up the sediment which causes the cycle of nutrient enrichment to repeat itself.  
“This shows that through the removal of the Catfish and Carp the food web can be restored”, he said.    
The fishery is a commercial entity that will harvest the dam of the undesirable species by utilising various techniques.  Harvesting activity on the water will generally be taking place in the evenings. The nets and lines will be left in the water overnight and extracted in the early mornings on a daily basis.  This will restore the desired trophic fish structure and contribute towards establishing an integrated aquaculture hub in the province.  The removed fish will be sold as a high source of protein.  This project will rely heavily on research and monitoring to ensure that the desired effect is obtained.   Mr Venter said “the fishery’s task will create significant job opportunities, especially for unemployed local residents which is an important part of this project.”
The remediation programme has been making steady progress.   The rainy weather lately has contributed towards there being fewer visible algae on the dam as the sun, which draws the algae to the top of the water’s surface was mostly absent.  In the meantime however the controlling and removal of algae are continuing and much success has been achieved by the placement of the first boom on the dam close to the dam wall.  The project is now ready to install the next two booms.  These will be placed at the railway bridge at Oberon and at the bridge at Lakeland.   
The public using the dam for recreation activities are requested to be on the look out for activities and specially coloured markers on the surface related to the remediation programme and are requested to avoid such areas.  
For more information and to arrange media interviews contact Rachelle Seymore at Zitholele Consulting at tel 011 254 4804, or e-mail her at  <mailto:RachelleS@zitholele.co.za>

For more info, go to: http://www.dwaf.gov.za/Harties/


Trevor Babich,

Webmaster, www.fishingowl.co.za <http://www.fishingowl.co.za>




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