Forwarded Message From: Roger Chivers

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 10:44:02 +0200

To: Subject: Jozini and Kosi Bay Good morning, well Graham (brother visiting from UK) and I had quite a successful trip to the above as follows Jozini, we had Chris Rippon of Irie Tiger Fishing Safaris as a guide and with his detailed knowledge of Jozini Dam we had a great fishing trip. Chris is contactable at, or 083 357 6517. Chris also arranged accomodation for us at the local Sodwana fishing Club. The accomodation was both very comfortable and affordable. We caught several Tigers up to 1.75kgs, with myself landing a beauty of 5.2kgs, most of the catches were made on either live bait or sardines, (both supplied by Chris). We managed to get one whilst trolling Halco's The strike success rate was around 3 : 1. Kosi Bay, we stayed at the KZN parks board accomodation which was very comfortable, we fished lake 1 and caught several grunter using the local cracker prawns as bait, and also caught several Seapike whilst trolling sardines. Kingfish proved to be difficult. Using a Yosuri we managed to get the lake around our boat boiling with Kingy's and others, but unfortunately could not get them to accept any bait from fly's to prawns to sardines to spinners. (See attached file: Chris and Roger.JPG)(See attached file: gray tiger 2.JPG)(See attached file: grunter 2.JPG)

regards Roger Chivers

Chris and Roger

Graham Gray Tiger

Graham grunter