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Subject: FW: TOPS Regs

Good day Guys 20th November 2006

Attached please find a draft copy of the Threatened and Protected Species Regs. It is currently at the "legal drafting" dept and will
soon be published. Apparently, the public participation period has come and gone.

I have not read the regs (just received it), but Gert Willemse highlighted the following problems for the fishing industry:
• Fishing falls under the definition of hunting
• In order to catch a listed species you must have a licence (in addition to other angling licences) to do so;
• You will have to have a licence for each species in each province;
• A licence will be valid for 6 months and will cost R100,00 and
• “Off-take limits” will be set (eg how many of each species may be caught (should there not be a nationwide blanket ban on the keeping of eg whitefish, largemouth yellows, Clanwilliam yellows etc?
• You will need the landowner's permission to fish eg for Largemouth yellows.

The fish species that will be affected includes:
Labeo seeberi Clanwilliam Sandfish
Barbus andrewi Whitefish
Barbus serra Sawfin
Pristis microdon Largetooth Sawfish
Epinephelus andersoni Catface Rockcod
Labeobarbus capensis Clanwilliam Yellowfish
Labeobarbus kimberleyensis Vaal-Orange Largemouth Yellowfish
Myxus capensis Freshwater Mullet
Oreochromis placidus Black Tilapia
Serranochromis meridianus Lowveld Largemouth
Anchichoerops natalensis Natal Wrasse
Argyrosomus japonicus Dusky Kob
Brycinus lateralis Striped Robber
Carcharodon carcharius Great White Shark
Chrysoblephus cristiceps Dageraad
Cymatoceps nasutus Black Musselcracker
Dichistius capensis Galjoen
Epinephelus albomarginatus White-edged Rockcod
Epinephelus lanceolatus Brindle Bass
Epinephelus tukula Potato Bass
Hydrocynus vittatus Tigerfish
Latimeria chalumnae Coelacanth
Lithognathus lithognathus White Steenbras
Nothobranchius orthonotus Spotted Killifish
Nothobranchius rachovii Rainbow Killifish
Petrus rupestris Red Steenbras
Polysteganus undulosus Seventy-four Seabream
Pristis zijsron Longcomb Sawfish
Varicorhinus nelspruitensis Incomati Chiselmouth

These regs will have a huge impact on the fishing industry. Examples.
• Fishing is not the same as hunting, hunting presupposes the killing of an animal – what about catch and release?;
• How will the law enforcers know I’m targeting a specific species;
• How can I be held liable if I intended to catch one species (not listed) but then catch a listed species?;
• The act will be very difficult to enforce;
• I do not think that fish and animals (game) can handled in the same manner;

I think that intervention as a matter of extreme urgency (eg a meeting with the Minister), before the regs are published, is required.

To view the whole document click here .pdf file


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