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Sent: 07 May 2007 07:39 PM
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Subject: fishing report june 07

We seem to have a decent run of couta especially a bit north of Shelly beach with some good catches made from paddle skis of stebel area. These have mainly been the smaller fish but what they lack in size they have made up in numbers so there has been fun for all, there has been the odd one tipping the scales just over the 20 kg mark but most fish weighing +_ 6kgs.
The tuna have also been active, on gutting them they seem so be gorging themselves on baby squids and Toby’s, these have mainly been the smaller tuna round the 6kg mark which have been caught on the deeper side of protea banks  where the sharks have been a little less active.
The bigger tuna on protea have been a little harder to land as they first have to run the shark gauntlet, but when landed the fish have been round the 15 to 20kg mark which looks promising, the bonitos of late have been huge probably round 6kgs with the odd one tipping the scales at 10kgs a fine contender for the fly fishermen who believe me have been left busted on more than one occasion. Surprisingly there have also been quite a few sailfish around which we normally see in these numbers on the backline in the summer when our Dorado arrive with the warmer water.
The sharks seem to have increased in numbers as they congregate awaiting the elusive little fish, which if all goes well should arrive round July. We hope that this year the colder water plays its part in driving the shoals of sardines inshore so we get our share as well as pulling the sharks away from protea, as one of the biggest competitions in RSA is fished in our waters at the beginning of July hosted by shelly beach ski boat club and it would be nice to fish “shark free”.
If you snooze you loose on this one as first prize a boat and motors on the trailer and second prize is a car is nothing to sneeze at, to crown it all, all prizes must be won no strings attached so if you have a line in the water you stand as good a chance as anyone else all you need is one fish. If you have a boat this is a good opportunity we have no pain in the A….. Traffic cops who don’t speak English and great shopping malls for the farer sex  as well as good accommodation. The more we support this comp the larger it will grow so show them your support by fishing; here the local and officials welcome you.
The Glenmore competition is also coming up towards the end of May I will try to get more details.