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Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 12:02:32 +0200
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The cold front has eventually, .come through and it is cold, well cold for us (13 degrees). This is typical sardine weather that we are having; hopefully it is a good sign.  The water has also cleaned up very nicely on the inshore; the water temp has dropped to about 20 degrees. Not too much fishing has been done on the deep-sea side as the south west has not given us much gap to launch. Looking from the shore the way the rivers are flowing into the sea the current seems to be relatively slack and I would not be surprised if it were going slight reverse after this many days of sw . We had some large swell running the last few days but this morning seems to have subsided so hopefully by this weekend we can get a spot of fishing in, we sharpening our teeth for the larger tuna that pay us a visit.
On a different note it saddens me to have read an article in the stywe lyne about shelly beach I cannot comment on what the author saw I was not there, but do not agree with that he says that all fisherman at shelly beach are the same. (He maintains that we all kill sharks senselessly) It sounds thought that this is a diver, who thinks all fishermen are evil, and in protest goes out and orders a seafood platter and complains the prawns are too small? I to have seen how divers damage reef when they bump into them, how they take the odd crayfish as well as specimen for there marine tank at home, now are all divers the same?  Makes me think that this letter was sent just to stir the age old diver’s fisherman story and if he was half a man he would have approached the skipper. This reminds me of once when I was at party  there were some hunting stories being told and one guy got very upset at the idea of hunting (not being a hunter myself) .I asked him if he braaied cabbages on a Saturday night, So were does meat come from, a butchery? It is always easy to generalize.
Every year a group of us go to fish the Guinjata fishing compo this year is no exception we will be going up with two boats as usual the KING & I and OCEAN KING, with 8 fishermen when I get back I will let you know all about it
Chris korsten
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