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From: Chris []
Sent: 23 July 2007 09:44 PM
To: 'The Angling Times'
Subject: RE: Need report

The “TYDE” is in at SHELLY BEACH
What a month we have had the weather has been as expected this time of the year absolutely perfect, with so many fishing days I am almost fished out, with the only thing not being true to form are the sards, sardine experts my a… these fish have a mind of their own, consider this year as a no show.
We started off on the 7th of July with the mallard’s mercury bonanza with the majority boats launching at shelly beach, (88 boats and 301 anglers) considering the damage done to the parking lot by the recent storms the launching and beaching of the boats went off without a hitch, thanks to the good organizing by shelly beach ski boat club.
The prizes were as usual fantastic, with Richard Jones on the boat NO TOM winning the brand new Mallards Cobra Cat 525 with 2 x 75hp Mercury Motors as first prize which he won with a 28kg Yellofin Tuna caught on the second day of the four day compo. Chris Rhodes with a 21.8kg King Mackerel was the winner of the Chevy Spark sponsored by Bates GM and Macsteel. Again this was a great event; anyone who had a line in the water stood a chance to win something.  Well done Shelly Beach Ski Boat club and sponsors for a great compo.
On the 16th we had the start to the Junior Nationals with 18 teams taking place split into U19s and U16s fun was had by all. It was great to see young boys and girls with such passion for fishing. One team, three boys aged approximately 10 and 11 with the one youngster was fighting the fish, when I told him to lift the fish he had in the water so I could gaff it he asked me where it was,  then I realized he could hardly see over the side of the boat. On another occasion  one young lad had a shark on and fought it to the boat but when they realized it was a shark his team mates held on to him (arms around the waist) as they were scared he was going to go overboard what a sight to see.

Thanks to Shelly Beach Ski boat Club who hosted this compo and who looked after the skippers and teams with meals and launching hopefully these juniors have gone home with a wealth of knowledge and keep fishing for many years to come.
The results are as follows:
                       Under 16`s                                           Under 19`s
1st Limpopo                   348pts                        1st Mpumalanga            320pts                         
2nd Western pro             219pts                      2nd Eastern Provi          294pts
3rd Zululand                   169pts                       3rd Natal                          255pts
4th Mpumalanga            149pts                       4th Zululand                   158pts
5th Free state                 112pts                        5th Southern gau           147pts
6th Natal                         44pts                          6th Free State                  141pts
7th Gauteng deve           36pts                        7th SADSA                          72pts
8th Southern cape          12pts                        8th Southern Cape             31pts
9th Southern gau            11pts                         9th Boarder                         26pts
On the charter fishing side when the current has been slack some fair size Green Jobfish and sarda sarda both excellent eating fish have been landed.
On the bottom it is good to see fair size pink salmon and blue bream being taken on the deep reefs. It also looks as if the rockod want to start eating again, better late than never. There are also a few king mackerel around the trick is to get them past the sharks.
Hopefully our weather will hold as we approach August when we still catch some good size yellofin tuna which have not disappointed us thus far. As yet we have not seen much geelbek which made their appearance last year in the beginning of July lets hope they don’t pull a” sardine” on us.
To all the teams taking part in the popular Shelly Beach Ski Boat Club interclub good luck, those that want to see some of the action keep your eyes on the gantry at shelly beach on the 4th & 5th of  August to see what participants have caught.       
Chris Korsten