The first of regular reports from Chris Korsten based at Shelly Beach South Coast Natal


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Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 11:31:16 +0200
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After those large waves we had we went through a slight dry spell as far as the fishing goes. But thank goodness everything seems to have returned back to normal.
I decided on the first of May to keep my charter boat open and to take my Mom and Dad fishing as they have not been on my new boat (TYDE II) as yet
The current was very slack (under a knot) so we opted to try doing some bottom fishing for bigger bottom fish. We went deep off Port Shepstone to some of my favorite deep water fishing spots, I sounded around for a while till we bumped into a good showing. On the first drop I had to help my mom hold the rod, she had a double up soldier. We caught a good few Englishmen soldiers and pink salmon (rosy job fish). We then trawled home and missed one strike on the way, great fun was had by all and we had enough fish to have a big family get together. Just by the way there is only one member of our family that does not fish, my sister and I got flack from my 76 year old gran for not inviting her, you can't win.
The game fishing has been spoiled a bit by the sharks as they congregate waiting for the sards to arrive which is normal for this time of the year.

Our weather pattern has settled as well so everything seems normal for the arrival of the first whales, which I must say seem to increase in numbers every year, delighting all our upcountry visitors with great displays. Then the arrival of the small fish that makes everyone dilly the sardines this is also important to the fishermen as they seem to pull the sharks away from protea banks leaving us to do some serious tuna fishing.

Hopefully all this happens before July the 5th as this is our main fishing event at Shelly beach (the tuna festival) probably the biggest prizes in any comp in RSA. First prize a boat and many more, we came 8th last year we won a lawn mower, garden furniture, fuel cans and more. There are also charter boats available if you wish to make a team and enter, but if you have a boat you will be doing yourself an injustice not to enter, everyone rants and raves about Mozambique let me tell you, you would have to go a long way to beat Shelly beach and there is so much more for the family to do, even shopping for the wife.