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Webmasters comment: great!!!!! It is extremely satisfying to note that a labour union is sticking to their slogan, “ if hurt one of us you hurt us all”

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Parys to stop Vaal sewage leak next row2

Objections to proposed developments at Maloneys Eye

next row2 8 munisipale hoës aangekla oor waterwet next row1
Swak watergehalte
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Adopt-a-River campaign

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3 poachers convisted - prohibited line fish species - Seventy-four

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Response to Harties Article

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Dirk Booyse - Response to FOW Newsletter Jan/Feb

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Abalone Regs

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Alert - yellow fish

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Report Joel Avni - State knew for 40 years - Sowetan article

next row2 Calling for comments Vaal/Orange river problems next row1

WESSA Lowveld comment - July

next row2 Koos Pretorius - a very important ruling on sustainability the full version next row1

Statement by Gareth Morgan MP - SA Deteriorating Environment - Stengthen NEMA, Don't weaken it

next row2 A brighter shade of orange -Isipingo River next row1

Refutations of the written response by Minister : Wonderfonteinspruit Catchment

next row2 Vacant positions in DWAF - Question 363 - Minister reply next row1

Wonderfonteinspruit catchment pollution levels - Question 397 & Ministers reply

Drinking Rietvlei Dam Water - Question 159 and Ministers reply

Letter to Editor Cape Times
Mthandeki Nhlapo General Secretary South African Municipal Workers' Union - response to speech

Speech by Mrs LB Hendricks, Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry Sewage shock for Hartbeespoort
wclogobutton A series of distrubing photos story to follow wclogobutton
wclogobutton Meetse Tech Laboratory report Witfield spill .excl wclogobutton
OR Tambo International Airport Airport Spill (ACSA) comments by Trevor Babich
21/11/06 DWAF's favourite excuses Panic ridden residents gripped in toxic fear
Cape's rivers need to be flushed clean For whom the frogs croak
Hout Bay reservoir 'used as open toilet' Only a politician can say something like this
Article from "Farmers Weekly" weed Pongola From Wayne Lotter 1/11/06
eport on the weed at Pongola .word doc
From Wayne Lotter 1/11/06
eport on the weed at Pongola .word doc
E-mail from Gaël Bataille Roodeplaat Dam Hyacinth
E-mail from Gaël Bataille - Vals River into Vaal latest report 20/10/06 Disgust Duzi - Natal Witness
E-mail from Gaël Bataille - Vals River into Vaal latest report 19/10/06 E-mail from Morne - Nog Visvrektes
Temperature changes and fish kills Rietvlei Nature Reserve
New Fish kills beneath Barrage Project Progress 2006
Sewage Leak at corner of Atlas Rd and N12 offramp Email sent to To:
Conversation: 2010 world cup
Upper Vaal - Ria Munnik .word doc
(Web Masters comments" future competition for the open sewer called Hartebeesport Dam)

Eugene Kruger
Editor SABass

Morne Viljoen - Vaal River, forms part of the environment Vaal & Klip River from Space
E Kruger Letter to Me Melissa Lintnaar-Strauss, Assistant  Director Dept of Water Affairs E-mail from Gaël Bataille - Vals into Vaal
E-mail from Gaël Bataille - Vals River into Vaal latest report E-mail from Morne - Nog Visvrektes
Letter to DWAF from Save the Vaal Vaal & Klip Rivers from Space


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