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Manager: Water Care Works &
Industrial Effluent Control
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Dear Mr Babich

The Vaal River water quality improved drastically over the last year, and as a Municipality we strive to keep it that way.

Our biggest concern is that industry is definitely not playing their part.

With our dedicated Industrial Effluent Control program we are succeeding
in rooting out the major polluters and are behind (chasing) the small but devastatingly bad polluters (back-yard mechanics, trucking companies who
illegally) dump oil, grease, anti-freeze, break-fluid etc down the man-holes and worst off all storm-water systems.

If you need any evidence of the above please contact me.

I am here to serve the community and the anglers (fisherman).


Hi Cecil.

Many thanks for your reply.
It is great to see that some progress is being made.

Despite what people think, I am a pragmatic and not emotive conservationists
not only concerned with fish but the way this lovely country is being
screwed up by bribery corruption and lack of implementation of the various
acts in place. It impact negatively with job creation and the health of the

I would far prepare a consultation approach, but even Fosaf have agreed
that a confrontational approach within the constraints of the law is the
only way to go.

I have been fishing the upper reaches of the Vaal where it enters the dam
and have seen the devastation in water quality which is deteriorating at an
alarming rate.

The bottom lone of conservation is education - it will not happen in my time
but I am trying to get it kick started through the website despite it being
very lonely and stepping on as many toes as possible.
Excuse the bad English but I have been working 18 hours a day 7 days a week
and it is starting to catch up with me,

Kind Regards and many thanks for your interest.


"Fishing Owl supporting WC reporting"