Water Crime

Did you know water pollution is a crime?

We at fishing owl are not just concerned about catching fish, but the effect of the deteriorating state of our rivers and dams and the detrimental impact it will have on the health of all our people and ultimately on the economy of the country.

Municipalities do not seem to give a damn about water pollution. To give an example of the stupidity, a member of the public phoned the correct person to report a serious spill and was told the person concerned was at the Xmas party and even refused to give the persons cel number. Also the person concerned would be out for the rest of the day.

Another example is the environmental policing organisation formed by the EKURLENI town council. BELIEVE IT OR NOT WATER DOES NOT FALL INTO THEIR PORTFOLIO. This is contrary to every bit of legislation all the way up to the South African Constitution.

We at fishingowl are gatvol at the way the authorities are treating the
seriousness of the situation and urgent attention needs to be given to the water situation before water becomes more expensive than petrol because of the cost of making it drinkable.

We have one of the finest Water Acts in the world but most of the people who are custodians of "the staff of life" do not give a continental dam.

Various organisations have tried the velvet glove approach - it does not work. We are going to name and shame and prosecute. We can only do so much we need as much help as possible. We are not asking for money, we do what we do for free.

So stop bitching about water pollution send us pictures and details get involved with us in laying criminal charges against the perpetrators.

We are not going to lie down even if it means laying criminal charges
against the President of the country, or starting a campaign to have the 2010 World soccer cup moved to Australia who are waiting with open arms and are ready to host. Our soccer guys have called two press conferences to report on their progress and then did not even to turn up.

We cannot afford to host the World cup it will be a quick fix for the
economy but non-sustainable.

Trevor & Sue Babich,

Webmaster & Webmistress.

Please keep coming back to view the latest happenings with regard to WATER CRIME.
If you see water crime, here is the web-site that you can report it, please let us know to 4_babich@fishingowl.co.za

something will be done

Fishing Owl World supporting water crime reporting