Water Crime


See previous Vals spill we have now put it into "Turds"

Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 9:36 AM
To: 'Keith Wallington'
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Subject: vals trench


Went on Friday, and was greeted by this almost 1st world war trench digged
away from blocked first manhole, was unable to get to second one flowing
into river. Have an appointment with lady of volskblad. Any idée if this
could be damaging to river this trench? O ja, pics of dead barbel lying
nearby, and two people driving with me everyday, complained this morning of
feeling ill, typical stomach related viruss symptoms.

if you feel strongly enough either way send us your bouqets or turds, all opinions are relevant 4_babich@fishingowl.co.za

Fishing Owl Supporting WC reporting,
"Mum I don't feel well today, I can't get out of my nest "