Water Crime


Lake Chrissie closed.

According to media reports Lake Chrissie in Mpumalalanga has been closed to
the public because of the amount of raw sewerage that has been entering the
dam for almost a year.

The media contends that pumps have been stolen or are broken due to the lack
of maintenance.

The local council has denied this and is conducting tests stating they are
doing tests.

The cause can be established within about 10 minutes by using a method used
by kids active in the Working For Water project as to whether it is sewerage
contamination or chemical pollution.

If found to be of chemical pollution further tests can be established by
sending samples to the CSIR Water research institute for a speedy and
accurate assessment.

Lake Chrissie forms part of a major wetland area and one would think that all
the relevant authorities would get to the bottom of the problem instead of

Trevor Babich,

Webmaster www.fishingowl.co.za


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