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From: Sean Daniels [mailto:sean@callnetsa.com]

Subject: Largemouth Yellowfish slaughter
Importance: High

When will the authorities wake up and smell the roses.

Surely they should concentrate on the damage pollution is doing to all the
fish in our water instead of f5%$#ing around with draft bio diversity

Someone once said "If it is not broken do not try and fix it"


Dear Sirs,

It is with a mixture of deep anger as well as abject disappointment that I am forced to put my concerns in writing to you.

I have been a Provincial fly fisherman for nigh on 6 years and pride myself in being an avid “ custodian “ of our resources.

Recently whilst waving the wand on the Vaal, ( at the first resort, about a km below the Vaal Dam Wall), we noticed a group of people fishing about 200m or so below the actual Dam Wall. We continued to wade up to the area and noticed that it was a group of ” locals”

The locals were fishing with small Rapalas and were getting a fish every ten or so minutes. We both got out of the water and approached the group who paid no attention to us. There were 3 of them “fishing” and a 4th was crouching between two boulders at the waters edge, busy gutting a Largemouth Yellow, of about 5kg. Lying next to him were two strings of about 12 Largemouth Yellows already cleaned and gutted ! Needless to say, I created a slight performance, upon which the butchers packed up and strolled off to the compound adjacent to the Dam Wall. It is quite apparent that these people are employees of Water Affairs.

A short while later, a vehicle came down from the offices driven by a white youngster who said he was sent by the Security Chief and that we were to leave the area immediately. We got out of the water to speak to him and explain that we were certainly not removing fish from the water. He acknowledged this and stated that fishing here was prohibited. When questioned about the group that was there earlier, he confirmed that they were employees and as such were given a “ letter “ from the Security Chief which entitled them to take 5 Yellowfish every day. I told him about the group earlier that had far in excess of this to which he replied, “ Oh yes, that happens often, all the guys at the compound get letters and they all give their letters to one or two guys, they then get a cut of the profits when they sell the fish !! “

I asked him if he thought that they ethics here were so skewed that it made the entire situation laughable ? – no comment . He also stated that if we were found here again, they would confiscate our equipment. Naturally ( as my fishing partner is an Attorney ) we informed him that this was illegal, and should he wish to venture down this road, he does so at his peril. Further to this, what his “ Security Chief” was practising was also highly illegal, immoral, despicable etc etc. Not wanting to get into a political debate ( and let my temper boil over into an unpleasant confrontation ) and spoil our days fishing, we waded back downstream.

Two weeks later, my fishing buddy was at the same venue and lo and behold, looking upstream, there were the “butchers” at work again plying their trade ! He walked up to where they were fishing ( in the White Restricted area ! ) and again witnessed wholesale slaughter of Largemouth Yellows – on this occasion, one or two less than a dozen fish.

My Questions are as follows :

1. Who gives Water Affairs the right to authorise the slaughter of a resource that is on the Endangered list ?
2. What can be done about this disgusting abuse of authority ?
3. Can we, as the angling public at large, rely on your organisation to expose the culprits ?

Should any of you gents so wish, I will be more than happy to “guide “ you on the most shocking and emotionally challenging day of your fishing careers – come and have a look at what our “ Democratically Elected Elite “ are allowing, under our very noses – and I might add, making a laughing stock out yourselves and every responsible South African that has ever followed the “way of the wand “

Alternatively you are also more than welcome to stand on the bridge over the Vaal at Deneysville,( Just below the Vaal Dam Wall ) on any weekend, and witness the slaughter for yourselves.

I now look to my peers for a way forward in this despicable situation.

Yours Faithfully

Sean Daniels

email : sean@callnetsa.com
Mobile : 082 520 1433


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