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Subject: RE: Sewerage problem

Another dilapidated sewer that spills into the Vaal river at Warrenton.
The pump motors are running, but pumps are totally blocked and not feeding the raw sewerage to the processing plant.  This untreated sewerage runs through a vlei, through the centre of town directly into the Vaal river in Warrenton.
We have been complaining about this specific spillage for the past 5 years and still nothing has been done.
Carl Nel
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Subject: Sewerage problem

Hi Trevor

I am one of the founding members of the Northern Cape Yellowfish Working Group and situated in Christiana (on the border of the NC, NW and FS). A few weeks ago we had a (untreated) sewerage spill in a vlei which flows into the Vaal when there is enough water in the vlei, but luckily it was fixed. Yesterday I observed the same problem, see attached photo.

Please advise as to what we can do.

Kind regards

Dawie Ras

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