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Groenpunt Prison Sewage Pollution 13 August 2010
From: "Thomas Du Toit" tom.savethevaal@gmail.com
Date: 18 August 2010 10:30:06 PM
To: 4_web@fishingowl.co.za>
Subject: Fw:Groenpunt Prison Sewage Pollution 13 August 2010

Hullo Sue
These are photos of Sewage and Pig farm from Groenpunt Prison that flows into the Vaalriver.
This is 7 km down stream from Vaaldam

Irene Main from Save Vaaldam allready informed the Blue Scorpions
Kind Regards
Thomas du Toit
Save The Vaal Environment

082 419 6526

if you feel strongly enough either way send us your bouqets or turds

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