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In response to the recent FOW news letter sent out 2/10/06 (see main/home page)

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Hi Trevor
 Draft of This week on Special Assignment SABC 3 at 21h30 on Tuesdays
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Attatched is the draft of the program that was screened on Special Assignment last week. It is shocking to realize where our money is going to at MCM.THIS SHOULD BE SENT TO AS MANY ANGLERS AS POSSIBLE,so they can see what the boys who are making all the regulations are getting up to.SHOCKING
Murray de Lacy Smith

Webmaster comments
Our beloved Government spent billions on arms. I wonder who we are going to
wage war against. Pity they did not buy submarines and shoot the illegal
trawlers and factory ships poaching our natural resources to kingdom come.
Some of the money could be used by people who know what they are doing to
sort out the problem.

Gauteng has budgeted R22 billion for the go slow train and they cannot even
sort out the water pollution ticking time bomb. By the time they are
finished the amount would have doubled, nobody would want to travel on the
damn thing or the taxi drivers would have sabotaged the trains. It is about
time the authorities got their priorities right.

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