Water Crime

Ignorant and Arrogant Green Scorpions

We were elated when the green formation of the green scorpions was

We thought after their "extensive" crash course in implementation of the
Environment Act it would include water.

I sent them reports and did not even get the courtesy of a reply to my
e-mails. Their hotline number went up on the site as well.

I made allowance for the fact that they thought a computer was just
something used by a secretary and was some kind of new Underwood typewriter
and replies to pollution were something not covered in their environmental

Low and behold I now find out that their brief includes the likes of perlemoen and suchlike.

Section 34 of NEMA read together with schedule 3 thereof specifically deals
with water pollution and the prosecution of polluters.

People are dying as a result of water pollution In this country and another
custodian of water in this country is DWAF or should it be DOFF.

I have had dealings with them in the past and if they want to have a go at
me, I will publish a story that clearly indicates what we have running the
monitoring of water in this country that will make them look like a bunch of
incompetent idiots.

Surely they can go into the internet , that is if they know what it is and
they can log onto www.lband.co.za which may be of great assistance to them.

It comprises an automatic water monitoring machine used extensively in
Germany which will alert them per e-mail of any biological or chemical
pollution by e-mail the minute it happens. Hopefully they have somebody
capable of opening the e-mails.

Trevor Babich Webmaster

Fishing Owl Supporting WC reporting,
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