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From: Peter Arderne mwardern@mweb.co.za

Subject: Draft maps: Alien fish species

Ernst Swartz has informed me that he will start posting the draft maps on the SAIAB website from about the end of the week. In other words we will be able to have a look at them before the Department of Environmental Affairs starts the public participation process for both the maps/zones and the proposed regulations. Please go to the SAIAB website at <http://www.saiab.ac.za>  from about Friday onwards. I am assured that the link will be prominently displayed on the home page.
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Joburg must be complimented on their e-coli monitoring.
The question is has the amount of e-coli and other pollutants decreased or
increased from 2002? click the link below

If observation of Hartebeespoort dam (the cesspit) is anything to go by the
time bomb is ticking away merrily. Almost ready to replace fossil fuels

Fishing Owl Supporting WC reporting,
"Mum I don't feel well today, I can't get out of my nest "