To give participants a rough idea of some of the species that they will encounter, at the selected venues, we have put together a few pages for you to have a look at.

Please bear in mind that in some cases the originals pictures scanned were not of the highest quality and when altered to downlaod quickly, quality has been further compromised.

You will notice that the fish have been split into two categories namely edible and non-edible, when in fact all the species are edible depending on which country you hail from.

We have so many fish species that the South African is spoilt, fish rated the highest on the ediblity scale are categorised as edible and those lower ranked, in most cases because of their looks are rated as non-edibles.

The outcome of the competitions is based on the number of species caught and not mass the overall impact on the marine environment is limited and it also leads to a far more interesting event, testing the skill of the participants to the limit.