Sheryl Babich

Beginners Luck or Imagination?

By Trevor Babich.

Fishing Owl's world held a flytying course hosted by well known fly tier Peter Bezuidenhout at it's shop in Boksburg. One of the Fishing Owl's team Terry Babich took his 10 year old daughter Cheryl along because she was at a loose end. No trouble to Cheryl she demanded a vice and some odds and sod s of materials and insisted on participating.

After the demonstration had finished she was browsing through the Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrates book and decided that SHE was going to show the experts up.

She tied a fly which we have called the Cheryl Babich Caddis (C B Caddis).

Representatives of a Kenyan flyting company saw a sample of this fly and included it in their range and the first lot sold out immediately.

Sounds great but does the fly work? The pictures tell the story of this fly which was used by her dad Terry in an afternoons session below the Vaal Barrage. In all he landed 9 smallmouth yellows, 50 mudfish and moggel. He lost a lot of "steamtrains" because the hook size on the fly was only a number 16 and once the fish got into the rapids there was no turning it. Catfish and Largemouth yellows also frequent this area. All fish were returned to the water in pristine condition.

I am not going to go to the trouble of doing the photography or write the copy to show you what and how the fly is tied and what it looks like.

If you would like to know you can visit the shop or order online. Phone Terry at 0118944348 or e-mail

Trevor Babich webmaster/Grandpa.

P.S. She has since tied 2 other flies that are working just as well.