A Challenge to
the disabled fisherfolk

Fishingowl having worked with disabled anglers in the past always admired their grit, determination and humour.

In time the Internet will become THE means of communication and an ideal way for the disabled to exchange news and views relevant to themselves.

In short Fishingowl is offering you guys a site of your own within the Fishing owl site it's for free and there is only one condition that fishingowl reserves the (in the unlikely event) right to edit out anything that clashes with fishingowl's conservation ethics.

So come on you amakrokka krokka fisherfolk get to it! e-mail 4_babich@fishingowl.co.za

Nigel Babb www.burningduck.co.za A commercial artist and keen angler has supplied us with the following cartoons to get the ball rolling.