I regularly visit your web site and see that nobody has responded.

My name is Boet Wentzel and I am a paraplegic and I live in Pretoria.

I am a keen carp angler but encounter various obstacles which I am sure are common to all disabled anglers. The dams in the immediate vicinity of Pretoria are Roodeplaat dam, Haartebeesport dam and Rietvlei. One of the few places that do not allow overnight visitors is the Northern Transvaal Angling Club grounds.

So if you want a spot that is accessible to wheelchairs you have to be a the gate at 4 o’clock and the gate opens at 6 o'clock. There are numerous spots but most of them are on an incline. As this is such a major club can they not come up with some solution. I must admit that on all the occassions that I have gone fishing I have not seen another disabled angler.

Do disabled anglers in other major cities of South Africa have these same problems? Maybe we should get Fuana and Flora involved. Besides the moans I would like to know from other disabled anglers how they overcome the problem of getting their lines in deep. The only solution would be bait boats but then how would you get your boat in and out of the water. I spoke to a chap the other day that is a quadriplegic and he says that he gets a distance of 140m by casting.

I have the use of my upper body and I do not think I could reach half of that. I use a 13ft rod with 10lb line. How critical is the reel choice? I was informed the other day by one of the staff of Angling Africa that at Belfast, fly-fishing for the disabled is fully catered for. They have actually built jetties into the water for wheelchairs. Great news for fly-fishing.

Your solution could also be somebody else's solution.

Thank you Boet Wentzel

Hi Boet,

I have a similar problem with casting because of age (timing and strength ain't what it used to be).

I use a 12ft carbon fibre rod because it is light and 6lb (2.7kg) thin diam line with a 22lb (10kg) shock leader of braid. The stock leader is twice the length of the rod and I find that I can quite easily attain distances of up to 150m depending on what terminal tackle I am using, because this is for competition fishing I use a "coffee grinder" for quick retrieve.

One must be patient with the internet, it is going to take time before a lot more people go on line. I can see from my site statistics that the site is getting more and more traffic every day and the site has still got a long way to go.



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