Good morning ladies

As many of you know this is a cause close to my heart and if any of you are
prepared to help please do so now.

Check out their web sites they do unbeleivable work for all types of
disabled people. Count your blessings that you have all your body parts, can
see and hear. Their founder members are wonderfull people especially Rob who
has been blind for more than ten years as a result of diabetes and is
dependent on his dialisis machine and yet he and his wife have devoted their
lives to those less fortunate.

Thanking you in anticipation


> Hi Janet
> Please will you be one of 1000 very special people?
> People who love the outdoors - enough to want to give disabled
> children a taste of it too!
> Because even children who are unable to walk, see or hear can feel the
> camaraderie round the campfire ... smell the scent of crushed grass,
> canvas and sun-baked dung ... feel the sunshine on their faces ... or
> sense
> the rustle of insects in the grass.
> But in order to get disabled kids out there, we need to buy a bakkie
> to transport wheelchairs, sleeping bags, food and other equipment.
> Most of these children can't walk distances, or carry a heavy pack on
> their backs. A bakkie is essential.
> But to buy one, we need to find 1000 caring people, each willing to
> donate R150.
> Please be one of them. Click <> to
> make a secure online credit card donation right now. If you can't
> manage R150, please just give what you can ... R50, R80 or R100.
> Then forward this email to everyone in your address book to help us
> find the other 999 supporters we need to fund the bakkie. By joining
> together
> now, you'll make it possible for us to transport food and camping gear
> disabled children can't carry themselves.
> Please help give a disabled child a taste of the freedom you take for
> granted.
> Click <> to join our Bakkie Drive
> now - or <> to find out more about the campaign.
> Thanks for helping!
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