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From: Alan DuRand []
Sent: 23 July 2008 01:31 PM
Subject: Catch and release-Sharks Board

I have not contacted you for some time. The Catch and release(tag) ethos is now truly established as "the new way". However, as in the past, little
effort is put into how this should be done. I stll get more upset (when I
see pics like the one listed by the Natal Shark Board) than by a fish being
clinically despatched for the table' The Sharks Board comment was as
follows:'Dusky with damaged jaw

On 6 May a double-tagged female dusky shark, Carcharhinus obscurus, with a damaged jaw was caught at Durban. It measured 126 cm (precaudal length) and was very thin (21.6 kg). The average weight for a dusky this size would be 28.9 kg.

It was first tagged by an angler at Umhlanga Rocks on 24 March and then
tagged by another angler in Umhlanga Rocks on 16 April. The second angler noted the damaged jaw and the shark was weighed at 29.6 kg. The animal lost 8 kg during almost three weeks and it is likely that the jaw injury was caused by the first angler, i.e. it probably lost additional weight since its first capture.'

Makes one think.
Regards Alan