If you click on the "feathered friends" link below you will see that the birds have not been named. If you want to find out more about the birds, we recommend you try these execellent publications, published by Struik Publishers (pty) Ltd.

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Birds form an important part of the angling environment. they eat the mozzies and goggas that "bug" the angler and some even eat the snails (limnea) that carries bilharzia. Fishing line and traces hanging in branches are a death trap for birds and concerned anglers make sure that they remove everything they brought as well as that left behind by inconsiderate idiots.

Fisherfolk why not start a bird check list of your fishing venues? birding as it is called is a great hobby.

We at Fishingowl know that youngsters are going to print out some of these pictures for their projects, but there is a catch!, they will have to find references relating to the birds, probably in books.

Well meaning people who release domesticated ducks in dams are doing the environment a disservice. These ducks create conflict between people. For example the exotic "Mallard" has raping tendencies and mates with the indigenous waterfowl.



Heather Theron

"A nomadic, nature loving, busy body with a deep desire to heal the world and all who inhabits it" is, off the top of my head how I would sum myself up.

I am nomadic in the sense that I yearn to see and experience what is "out there" and more importantly to me, nature in all its spendor and mystery, my permanent address is "P.O. Box The Earth".

I never take things at face value, I delve deep into whatever interests me, it is the journey of searching for answers and solutions that intrigues me the most.

I have been blessed by my creator with a natural healing ability, the fruits of which I have reaped on the smiling faces of those I have guided onto the path of well-being, albeit the 90 year old patriarchal grandmother or the runt of the litter that has been discarded by its mother.

It is this love of nature and my fellow man that first inspired me to paint, to re-create and to capture the beauty that surrounds us, to be able to share this magnificence with all who take a few moments to look past these static reproductions and see the glory of God's Creations for themselves.

If you want to use Heather Theron for commissions e-mail 4_babich@fishingowl.co.za

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