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Small Mouth Yellow fish
Dirk Human a Pioneer for the protection of the Orange Vaal River Yellow Fish (see the sign boards about to be erected along the rivers), do your bit to protect these indigenous fish put them back unharmed, always handle the fish with wet hands to protect the natural slim on their skin. The slim on a fish protects it from parasites found in the water and also the harmful water climate and environment .

Hi Trevor

This is a fish of a lifetime, as it was caught on a 6wt rod and gave me a real work-out. A largie like this, in this area is a real gem.

The guy that took the picture did a great job, except he took it from to far. I was in shock, and crying about this fish, and didn’t notice his distance. I have been looking for this size fish for nearly 5years.

I have been up to parys, drifted Elgro twice in winter, went to Taung dam twice, fished with Garth Wellman 3 times, fished the Warrenton area twice and countless times took my boat out in winter on my waters, hoping to get this fish.