Hi All
What a welcome back to the season, had a weekend of great fishing!
Fishing started off a little slow on Friday but warmed up on Saturday. We had heard of a few fish between 3kg - 5kg coming out over the last couple of weeks and were keen to give it a good go over the course of the weekend. The result:
- 1.5kg
- 2.5kg
- 2.0kg
- 2.3kg
- 2.0kg
and a beauty of 5.5kg caught by a Shayamoya Guide, Ryan Tippett. Large sardine fillets on the drift worked well the whole weekend while livebait was almost ignored. (I'm sure they will start to produce quality fish fairly soon)

Trawling rapala's worked fairly well, accounting for quite a few tiglets up to about a kilo. Gold, Firetiger and Brown-trout crankbaits worked very well when trawled at a very high speed.
On the flyfishing side, the guys did well. Silver / Blue, Black / Orange and Chartreuse deceivers were cast into the shallow waters and about 20 fish were caught on Saturday afternoon alone.
There is quite a bit of weed in the dam at the moment which can make fishing artlures very tricky. Fishing on the edge of this weed will produce fish.
Most of the fishing activity is in the river where the big fish are starting to migrate into. Big baits in deep water can be quiet for some time but the rewards are definitely worth the wait when reels start screeching and rods buckle.
WATER TEMP:         20-23 Degrees
WATER LEVEL:        Approx. 65%, flood release will take place at the end of September so the rain is
                                    very much needed. Should drop by 8%
WATER CLARITY:     Excellent in the river while the dam can get murky from the afternoon winds that churn up the shallower on the shorelines.
AMBIENT TEMP.:      Have had a few hot days, still cool in the morning but warming up day by day.
WIND:                         Picking up in the afternoon but calm in the morning. Predominantly N.E and S.W
Everybody's getting geared up for the Tiger Fishing Tournament starting today with the main prize being a boat, motor and trailor valued at R200 000. Should be a good one this year but I will keep you informed as to what was caught and how it all went.
Attached, please find a pic of Ryan Tippett and his 5.5kg.
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