That if more people took up fishing there would be less "uptight, irritable and itchy" people in the world intent on beating each others brains out.

That if parents took their kids out fishing it would help to bridge the generation gap and they would be less inclined to spend their times "hanging about the shopping malls" etc. Through angling the youngsters will learn about conservation and the bottom line of conservation is EDUCATION

We support sustainable utilisation of all forms of wildlife. Responsible pragmatic conservation bodies have our wholehearted support.

We have no time whatsoever for anti-bloodsport selective moralists who create cushy jobs for themselves by generating large sums of money from people whose only knowledge of wildlife emanates from bedtime "fairy stories" read to them by their parents about animals that have been humanised as lovable cuddly creatures who should be allowed to breed themselves into extinction without any benefit to man, soul or beast. It is strange how these "hug a bunny" types steer clear of human abuse issues.

The bottom line is that if wildlife can become profitable it will survive and be nurtured. Having said that we do not support cruelty or abuse.

Fishermen who act in a manner detrimental to the environment and their sport will receive short thrift from fishingowl.

The fishing owl says: "When man enters an eco-system as a predator he must act with extreme care".