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Enfolded in a picturesque valley along the lower escarpment of the Ndlumudlumu (Hlumuhlumu) Mountains some 18 kilometres from Badplaas in south eastern Mpumalanga, the 200 hectare Mountain Trout Fishing Estate offers excellent fly fishing challenges for not only rainbow and brown trout, but also for the scarce golden and even more scarce red trout.

Soon available will be fishing for Largemouth Bass, Carp , Blue Kurper and Smallmouth Yellowfish. Stillwater fishing is available in several well stocked, spring-fed dams, while river run rainbows and browns in the perennial Seekoeispruit river which runs through the estate provide even the most fastidious fly fisher with more than enough challenges against which to test his or her skills.    

All the trout waters are well stocked at all times, being supplied with fish from the Estate’s own hatchery.

Accommodation is available in a 5 bedroom chalet sleeping 10 to 12 people, and a 2 bedroom cottage sleeping four people. Both are self-catering units fully equipped with modern conveniences  - including cosy fireplaces for the cold winter nights. Both units are set in gardens surrounding their own exclusive lake full of trout.

Additional accommodation is available in a caravan and camping park set in a forest on the banks of the river. Sites have electrical supply points and the ablution facility offers hot and cold water on tap throughout the day. There is also a scullery and laundry.    

For those who enjoy hiking the Estate’s forest trail winds its way up the valley through dense riverine forest to the waterfall which is one of the estate’s water sources, and then down the valley onto grass slopes interspersed with stark canyons with sandstone pinnacles caused by eons of soil erosion.

 While the Estate is renowned for its peace and tranquility, it also welcomes day visitors, some of whom come from as far as Pretoria and Johannesburg, reckoning that the excellent fishing is well worth the comfortable two- and-a – half- hour road journey.  Day visitors have access to the “zig-zag” man-made river course and the large dam below the main dwelling. A day vist costs R100 entrance fee which includes the first kilogram of trout, plus R50 per kilogram thereafter. Rods and flies are for hire at R20 per rod, and landing and keep nets are provided against a refundable deposit.

 Catch and release fishing costs an additional R100 per day and must be practiced according to the Estate’s catch & release procedure, namely that the fish is not allowed to be handled or taken out of the water, with the hook being removed using a hook disgorger while the fish remains in the water.   

 Mountain Trout’s water is cold, but their welcome is warm and inviting. See you there!

New Owner of Mountain Trout Resort Cuts Cost of Trout

New owner of the well known Mountain Trout Fly Fishing Resort near Badplaas, retired supermarket practitioner Terry Ferreira, has challenged the largely “closed-shop” attitude of the trout fly fishing industry by drastically reducing his price per kilogram of live trout to fly fishers with immediate effect.

Trout costs a fly fisher anything from R50 to R65 per kilogram in the so-called Machadodorp-Belfast- Dullstroom “trout triangle”, but Ferreira has dropped the price to only R35 a kilogram, irrespective whether his clients catch a rainbow, brown, golden or red trout.

 With some thirty years of highly successful retailing experience in the supermarket sector behind him, Ferreira says that all he is doing is applying the principles of retailing to the trout fishing industry. “At Mountain Trout we are capable of breeding and raising our own supplies of trout,” he points out, “so see no reason to maintain what I think is a too high price point. All that the high cost has done is to create the perception that fly-fishing for trout is the domain of the rich and famous, and not an activity for just anyone. Which of course is utter nonsense!” he states.

 Asked whether he would also be adjusting the cost of live fish to other fly-fishing resort owners, Ferreira says that this is certainly part of his overall marketing plan.

 “Trout fishing has for too long suffered from protectionism by what is at best a relatively small group of people,“ he says. ”At Mountain Trout we intend making trout fishing much more affordable,” he states.

 Ferreira took over the Resort from the previous owner, Aubrey Mountain, this winter, and has mostly been engaged in an overall upgrading and clean-up operation. “The two cottages are upgraded while the caravan and camping park and the river frontage is currently being revamped,” he says. “The ‘zig-zag’ is again functional and together with the two main lakes offer excellent fishing for trout of all sizes. The best fish since we took over is a 3,4 kg red trout taken by a visitor from Alaska, of all places. Mountain Trout is blessed with sufficient water supplies which allows us to increase production of live fish to the hatchery’s previous levels,” he adds.

*Further enquiries can be directed to Terry Ferreira on 082 441 9674, or by e-mail to