Hi everyone


Summer has eventually arrived in Rhodes, we've had  a couple of hot days and good rains despite the predictions for a dry summer.  

The Bell and Kloppershoekspruit are a little low, but are fishing well.  The Bokspruit, Sterkspruit and Kraai Rivers are on the other hand running superbly and are full of yellows.  The average size yellowfish which have come up for the October / November spawning are also larger than previous years.   Yellows have been spotted all the way up to the weir above Rhodes on the Bell and way up into the middle reaches of the Bokspruit.  
The Sterkspruit as usual has yellows in almost its entire length as does the Kraai.

The yellows are still pretty much focused on spawning, but will become targetable soon after end November to mid December.

Good-sized Rainbow Trout have been caught on the middle Bell this year and the Willow stream has produced some wild Browns of note, 10 - 17 inches, just above the hatchery.


I'm sure most of you have seen the latest T.C.F.F. magazine, and read the Linecastes article on Pemba / St. Lazarus Banks.  But just to keep you all updated, Linecasters will be hosting a Pemba / St. Lazarus Banks trip from the 3 - 10 November this year.  Expect a fullreport on the conditions and successes when we return.

Greg Horn has advised me that he has 3 available spaces on a Pemba / St. Lazarus trip from Fri 12 - Fri 19 November 2004.
This is a "hot spot" time of year to be at this awesome venue, with possibilities of really big fish to be hooked.

Some of the trips in October reported monster fish caught on fly and many more lost.  A 105 lb Dogtooth Tuna and 40 - 50 lb Wahoo were only some of the great catches.

If anyone is interested, please contact me:  Fred - 082 640 2930 or Greg - 083 654 1367


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