As we expected, this Autumn, April/May 2005 produced good pre spawning action.  The Sterkspruit, Bokspruit and Kraai Rivers continued their good form and produced a number of good sized wild rainbows of between 16 and 22 inches.  The Bell River and especially the Kloppershoekspruit are still battling to maintain their water levels, but produced good catch rates on dry flies on the Upper Bell where levels were favourable.

There is however an alarming amount of poachng on the upper to middle and middle to lower Bell, the upper Kraai, lower Sterkspruit and lower Bokspruit.  This could eventually result in a desperate situation in these areas as far as the fishing goes.  It can also not be left to the discretion of fly fishermen who visit the area to decide whether they should or should not keep fish.  Even if some river systems seem to have an over population of small, undernourished fish, a controlling body should manage each section of water as a fishery.  Good news however is that with control and some enthusiasm from local administration, the situation can be turned around, it is not too late.  Linecasters supports catch and release.


Linecasters will be visiting the shores of Madagascar between 14 and 21 of May and will report back on the fishing potential soon afterwards.


In conjunction with Marine Safaris, Linecasters has booked a trip to the Maldives from the 14-21 June 2005.  The trip is fully booked, however a report on the trip will be sent out on our return with possibly more trips to this destination in the pipeline. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONE PERSON HAS CANSELLED AND THAT ONE PLACE IS NOW AVAILEBLE.


Linecasters has booked a 7 day excursion with the company Illusions Liveaboard from the 29 Jan - 6 Feb 2006 to the emirates.  The cost of the trip including air fare and transfers is R17 800.00 at the US$ rate of 6.5 to the rand.  Only 6 fly fishermen plus a host will be able to join this trip.  For more info. contact Fred at the contact details below.

  • Linecasters September 2005 Intermediate  Academy:  12 -16 Sept.  
  • Linecasters November 2005 Advanced  Academy:  7 - 11 Nov.  
  • REFFIS South Africa prep course and exam:   28, 29, 30 Sept. 2005  (Only 3 places available)