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Dear All,
Another good and busy week has flown by and once again there have been some very good days but on the whole the fishing is still slow and difficult. At the beginning of the week there were quite a few black marlin closer in but towards the latter end there were not so many. The rips, is very up and down with some days showing good signs and then others not producing much at all. Inconsistency seems to be the trend of this season as the sailfish season was very much the same. The weather is still very hot and dry with calm days and breezy afternoons when the wind picks up.
The big news of the week came from Watamu where Nick Michalides fishing on board White Mischief landed the first broadbill in Africa hooked and landed in daylight hours. Fishing for broadbill in daylight has been done successfully in other parts of the world such as Venezuela and Hawaii. This does not mean one has to see the fish finning on the surface before trying to entice it into your baits. This method entails dropping a bait down to the bottom in over 1,200 ft of water and as you can imagine that is no easy feat! Over 6 kgs of weight is required just to get it down.
 Nick and Andy Thomas on White Mischief went out last Sunday to experiment in the areas where we usually catch broadbill at night. It has been talked about for a while here but as far as I know no one had actually tried it. They got out at about 11 am and got a strike on the first bait they got down, but it came off quickly. On the third drop they had a very heavy strike and Nick fought the fish for over three hours. It turned out to be a very big broadbill for Kenyan standards and weighed in at 156 kgs. It is the second largest broadbill to be caught in Kenyan waters, just a few kgs behind the 163 kgs fish caught on Eclare many years ago. It really is incredible news and an amazing effort by all those involved. It wasn’t a one off either as Alleycat, Unreel and Black Widow have all caught one broadbill each since then.
Snowgoose came back into Ngomeini last Sunday but unfortunately it was not to be like the day before. They had a couple of marlin up  which were missed and ended up with two dorado It was a tough day all round with no marlin at all being caught on our boats.
The 7th was a good day for Eclare. Fishing with Andrew Ford and fishing partner  they tagged and released two striped marlin out on the rips.
Eclare had another stripey on the 8th with the same fishermen as the day before onboard. Neptune had a very good fishing out of Ngomeini. Their intentions  were to fish back down to Watamu but on seeing lots of bait straight out of Ngoemeini Angus opted to hang around there and what a good decision it was. They ended up tagging a 100kg+ black marlin, 3 sailfish and a kingfish and a wahoo.  
On the 9th Neptune did fish back into Watamu with Guy Raymacher, Jurgen Ludsteck and Staf on board. They are fishing a total of nine days with Angus as they do every year. They are a very lucky trio and today was no exception with Staf tagging and releasing a lovely black marlin of 130 kgs. Tina had two sailfish and a bunch of small fish off Ngomeini.
On the 10th Neptune was out with Dave Lewis who has been coming to Malindi for many years. Dave is a fishing journalist when he is not being a fireman and he has written many articles about Kenyan fishing. He has come out here to celebrate his 50th birthday with a group of friends who are staying at Ocean Sports and fishing on our boats. His birthday was on the 11th so fishing on the 10th was a treat to himself. His prayers were answered and his present appeared in the form of a 120 kg black marlin which took a small live yellowfin tuna. After a good half hour fight it was tagged and released and swam off on its merry way.
Tina tagged and released a couple of sailfish on the 11th and Eclare had one. Neptune made it four marlin in four days with a last minute black marlin. They had caught nothing all day and then on the way in they came across a shoal of frigate mackerel out of which they caught two live baits. The baits hadn’t been in the water for more than two minutes when one was taken by a black marlin. Although it was only about 100 kgs it fought hard and took over an hour to be tagged & released..
As I said last week fishing is such an unpredictable game and that is why we all love it. However, this season is even more unpredictable than normal and yesterday is a good example . Tina and Snark have been fishing most days north off Ngomeini and Neptune was down there last week as well. There have been a few sailfish in the area but not an exceptional amount and three in a day is a very good tally. Why the 12th was different I have no idea but for some reason the fish rose to the occasion and Snark made the most of it coming back with 12 sailfish, 6 kingfish and 3 long tail tuna. Tina was in the same area and although they rose a lot of fish they ended up with two sailfish. Snowgoose had a good day on the rips tagging one striped marlin and one sailfish .Neptune and Eclare only had a few small fish each.
With the fishing being slow on the rips it was an obvious choice for many boats to head north to where Snark had seen the fish yesterday. Well today is totally different and very few sailfish have been seen. How one day can change to the next!
Next weekend is the Malindi Billfish Tournament and unfortunately it seems that we are going to have a small entry. There is a tournament somewhere along the coast for the next three weekends in a row now, as well as one during the last week. The MSFC would really appreciate any support this weekend even if it is just attendance at the auctions and prize giving.
That’s about it from me for this week.
Take care,