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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 11:05:08 +0300
Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Up date 13.03.2011

Dear All,
What a week it has been for Kingfisher boats! Two days after Snark won the Watamu Festival, Neptune came up trumps in the Friends of Kenya tournament ran out of Hemingway’s. It really is tournament time now as the Penn Challenge is under way and with 13 teams taking part, it is a big affair this year.
The weather has got slightly warmer and more humid than it has been, more than likely due to the build up of the long rains. The wind is still very easterly and we expect it won’t be too long before it swings round into the south. We still have a week or so left of bookings so we hope it won’t change to soon! Once the wind turns southerly most of the billfish move on, leaving the odd one and normally a lot of dorado and other smaller game fish.

The Friends of Kenya tournament started at 6.30 am on the 8th. The main sponsors were Aggreko and they were supported by a number of co sponsors such as Costa Del Mar sunglasses. Twenty two boats took part in the tournament. The high turnout shows how popular it has become with quite a number of fishermen coming out just to be a part of it. It is a thirty two hour tournament but this year most boats opted not to do the night and did two long days. All our boats apart from Snark participated in the tournament. Rick le Monnier and Don Lafferty who have been coming out for many years now, talked another seven guys into coming out this year, and they all did the tournament on Neptune, Eclare, Snowgoose and Tina. Apart from  Mike Wilder who has been coming to Malindi for many years as well, the rest of the group were first timers but I don’t think it will be the last we see of them!
  With the fishing being so erratic there were many different routes and tactics taken when the boats when out on the 8th. Some fished into Kilifi,others fished into Ngomeini and others just fished the Watamu area. All our boats fished out of Ngomeini and into Watamu for a 6.30 pm finish. This tactic worked out for Neptune and to a lesser extent Snowgoose, but the other two boats didn’t manage too much. Neptune had an amazing day with one black marlin, six sailfish and a 40 kg yellowfin tuna. Snowgoose had a striped marlin. Black widow was doing well and was in the lead with one blue and one striped marlin, White Dove had a blue and there were one or two other marlin caught on day one.
Of the two boats that stayed out overnight only Bamara managed to get a broadbill.
The second day was hard work for most boats with only three or four marlin and some sailfish being caught. The leaderboard was very tight throughout the day with Clueless who had been on the North Kenya banks on the first day joining the contenders with a black marlin and two sailfish. White Dove added a striped marlin to their blue from the day before and Bamara added a striped marlin to their striped marlin, broadbill and sailfish from the first day to be right up there as well. White Mischief, the defending champions didn’t manage to score on the first day but they came from behind, with two black marlin on the second day which propelled them to the top of the leader board. Neptune was not to be outdone by, and with two hours of fishing left they tagged a striped marlin which gave the team of Rick, Don and Andy De Mare outright victory with a total of one black marlin, one striped marlin and six sailfish. White Mischief, with Nick , Russel  and Phil   were second and White Dove was third with Brett Ayton and Alistair Norton- Griffiths. Black Widow and Bamara were forth and fifth respectively. Unfortunately,Eclare and Tina didn’t score at all but Snowgoose ended up ninth with their striped marlin.
 The prizes , which were given out at 6 pm after an early dinner for the fishermen, were exceptional. The team on Neptune won three Penn 70 reels and rods! Prizes went as far down as 12th overall and one of the prizes was a weekend for two to the Rugby Sevens in Port Elizabeth South Africa including flights etc etc. Most of the money generated from the tournament was given to charity by the sponsors. Thanks must go to the sponsors and to Hemingways for putting on such a fun and well run tournament.

The 10th was a much better day all round. Snark had  very good fishing off  Malindi where they got stuck into some sailfish and ended up with eleven!  Eclare and Snowgoose caught a striped marlin each. Both were good sized fish estimated at over 65 kgs. Tina tagged a good sized giant trevally which was caught jigging by Hein Hoogduin.

Neptune, fishing with Leo Haak had a tough day on the 10th and ended up with 2 long tail tuna.  There was obviously some luck building up somewhere as they made up for it on the 11th. Fishing with Leo again they caught a good sized black marlin in the morning. It took a live bait and they estimated it at 140 kgs. An hour or so later they caught some more live baits and it wasn’t long before they had a double header of marlin! One was a 60+ kg striped marlin and the other another black marlin this time estimated at 120 kgs. You don’t get much better days than that! Leo also tagged a 28+ kgs giant trevally earlier on in the morning. Tina had a good day as well ending up with a black marlin of approximately 150 kgs and a sailfish for Toine van Ierland.

The 12th March saw the first day of the Penn Challenge tournament. Made up of mainly Dutch and a few Belgian fishermen, this tournament although relatively new gets bigger and bigger each year. This year there are thirteen teams taking part. Since its inception the tournament has raised money for the Blessed Generation Childrens Orphanage in Malindi. It is great to see that they are putting something back into the community. The fishing was rather slow on the first day with two marlin and a number of sailfish caught. Kipapa managed to get a good sized black marlin, Albatross a striped marlin and Snowgoose  three  sailfish and Seyyida two. There were a few boats with one sailfish but the rest struggled. Let’s hope the last three days are more fruitful I will let you know next week how they get on.

The KASA raffle dinner is being held on Friday 25th March at the Malindi Sea Fishing Club. The more the merrier so if you are around at that time please come and support us. It is also your last chance to buy some raffle tickets and you may win some wonderful prizes that have been donated. You can see an updated prize list below.
Lastly our thoughts go out to all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Obviously from living on the coast the tsunami is something we can relate to and the images that we are getting here on the news are just unbelievable. The power of the water and the destruction it caused is hard to comprehend.  We did receive warnings of a possible small tsunami reaching us here but thankfully all was fine.

Take care.