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From: kingfisherfishing <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 15:18:06 +0300
Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Update 15.04.2011


Dear All,
There isn’t too much to write about at the moment, as we have had very few charters since I last wrote. However I thought I had better touch base and let you all know what is going on here. It is still hot and humid and although we have had the odd sprinkling of rain here and there it is no way near enough.  
According to the satellite weather map the Tanzanian coast is getting a lot of rain but it seems to stop on our boarder. It is still a bit early for us to get our main rains so perhaps it will move up to us in May. After a good start it seems to have stopped raining up country as well which is not good. The wind is very southerly now but it is still relatively calm most days.

As is the norm at this time of year the boats that are still operating are fishing the banks off Watamu. As most of you will know, when the banks are active the fishing is very exciting as the bait attracts all sorts of predators from black marlin to wahoo to giant trevally. You just never know what is going to appear behind your baits next ! The boats that are still operating have had some good days with lots of action.
Rips fishing came to an end during the first week of April when the kusi ( south easterly wind) started to blow consistently.  Eclare had two days out there before the wind changed. On the 3rd April, fishing with Bruno Fontana of Plan Hotels, they had a lot of action throughout the day and managed to get seven sailfish. They also had two striped marlin on for a short time but unfortunately both fell off. On the 6th they lost a very big blue marlin after a few minutes. Fishing with Mark and Ming Beaver the fish came up to a big lure and then switched over to the smallest bait in the water which was attached to a 50lb rig. For the first five minutes it didn’t know it was hooked and all was fine. However once it knew something was wrong the situation changed drastically! All 700lbs+ of the fish came careering towards them like an express train and then it suddenly changed direction and landed on the line. 50lb line under stress hasn’t got a chance when such a fish jumps on the line and sadly the line popped. Although it got away one is very privileged to experience such a site!

Snark had a very good day on the 13th. Fishing on the banks all day they had a striped marlin and a mixed bag of small fish.
On the 15th Snowgoose,  had a sailfish and a mixed bag including five tuna. The tuna came up nicely on the mountains and most boats that were out ended up with at least a handful.

Snowgoose is out again today, and we have a few days over Easter, otherwise it is quiet on the fishing front. Neptune is out of the water and we are preparing to fit her new engines which is very exciting. Eclare comes out the water today and Tina will come out on Wednesday. Snowgoose and Snark will continue fishing throughout the off season.   
Malindi is getting quieter now as hotels prepare to shut down for the off season. One sees less and less tourists wondering around the town as days go by. That doesn’t mean that the traffic situation is getting any better. The tuk-tuk and boda-boda population seems to expand daily and one has to battle with them to try and get back on to the roads!
We have a few bookings over the Easter weekend so if anything worthwhile happens I will be in touch.
Take care,