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Dear All,
Unfortunately we haven’t had too many fishing days since the last update, but the good news is that we have had some good action off Malindi and further north. Since the beginning of the season in July we have been fishing the banks off Watamu and due to the rough weather we hadn’t ventured north until a week or so ago. Sometimes September can be too early for sailfish and tuna off Malindi but luckily when Tina and Neptune fished up there for the first time this season they found a lot of tuna and quite a few sailfish.
We have had a bit of rain this past week and the signs are showing it will continue. It was rough and windy for most of last week but it seems to be calming down by the day which is good.

On the 17th September, Neptune didn’t have any luck with billfish but she had some action from the “razor gang”. Matt Harris caught a very nice wahoo of 23.5 kgs as well as a smaller wahoo and a kingfish.
On the 19th Richard and Jenny Osborne from South Africa had an excellent day . Fishing on Neptune they tagged and released two sailfish and landed a 26.5 kg kingfish, an 18 kg cobia, 2 Wahoo, a smaller kingfish and a bunch of bait fish. Tina was out on a five hour trip and had 4 yellowfin tuna and a wahoo.
On the 21st Neptune fished north off Malindi with Guy Raymacker. They found an abundance of fish and it was non stop action. 5 sailfish, 28 tuna, 1 kingfish and 1 dorado was the final tally for the day. That is a mega haul for a boat load of fishermen let alone one!
Eclare and Neptune had two sailfish each on the 22nd whilst on the 23rd Eclare had 1 sailfish and 13 yellowfin tuna.
On the 24th Neptune ended up with 3 sailfish, 30 odd yellowfin and a dorado. They had a “pack attack” of sailfish and managed to get three in one go. Hooking three or four sailfish together is sheer pandemonium! Invariably there will always be one that decides to go in completely the opposite direction resulting in all sorts of swear words erupting from the fishermen and crew. After much weaving inside and out with all the rods and much reversing from the skipper the situation can be brought under control as by then the fish have spent a lot of energy. One has to experience it to believe the adrenaline rush one can get with fish leaping all over the ocean.
At the end of every season KASA (Kenya Association of Sea Anglers) hold an award ceremony dinner to honor those that excelled during the season. There is a whole list of prizes awarded from the largest fish of each species to the boat that catches the most marlin throughout the season. It is never held at the same venue for more than two years in a row. It is always a very enjoyable evening and it gives one a chance to catch up with others in the same game from up and down the coast. The 2010\11 dinner and prize giving was held last night at Ocean Sports hotel in Watamu. Over 60 people attended and it was once again very enjoyable and well organized. A three course dinner was followed by prize giving. Neptune did very well and received a total of five prizes including the most sailfish caught by a professional boat in the season, most marlin tagged and released in the season, most sailfish tagged and released in the season and most giant trevally tagged and released in the season. Reiner Wielder received the prize for the biggest black marlin caught under IGFA rules. This was a fish of 250 kgs caught on 50 lb line on Eclare in February. The fight lasted four hours so it was greatly deserved. Peter Brumby received the best fisherman under 18 year’s award for his two sailfish caught in the Herbie Paul International Tournament last October.
  All in all the Kingfisher boats fared very well and lets hope it is the same this season.  

Unfortunately we have had a cancellation for a few days at the beginning of January 2012. This has been a prolific time for marlin over the last few years so if you are thinking of coming bare that in mind.
Take care.