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Subject: Kingfisher Weekly Report week ending 17.10.04

Weather:  Calm mornings mostly, with a S.E. wind getting stronger in the afternoons. A promise of rain most days which materialized on early Friday morning. Rain persisted all day and I measured 2.15 pts by evening. New moon was on Wednesday 13th accompanied by high tides.

Monday 11th Oct. This is the first day of the Malindi Madness Tournament fished by fishermen mainly from Namibia and a couple from South Africa, over four days. This tournament was first thought of by Charles Norman and he was in process of getting it off the ground when he unfortunately died. His company - Sportfish Africa - continued to work on this tournament and their efforts were successful in attracting six boats and 20 fishermen to this, the first Malindi Madness Competition. Long may it last. The six boats are divided into two groups, 3 boats start in Malindi and 3 start in Ngomeni, and fishermen change boats after each day.

The boats from Ngomeni  Eclare  3 sailfish,5 koli koli , 4 blue runner, 3 red snappers.
Neptune 3 sailfish, 2 kingfish, 1 barracuda.
Tarka  3 sailfish
The boats from Malindi
Tina  5 yellowfin, 2 kingfish
SnowGoose 5 yellowfin, 2 wahoo
Snark   1 kingfish, 2 yellowfin

Tuesday 12th Oct   2nd day of the tournament

Neptune  2 sailfish, 15 kingfish, 3 yellowfin, 1 barracuda
Eclare    4 kingfisher, 1 wahoo, 2 yellowfin, 1 barracuda, 5 bonito.
Tarka 3 Sailfish
Tina  3 yellowfin, 1 barracuda, 1 rainbow runner.
Snark  5 kingfish, 7 yellowfin, 1 barracuda.
SnowGoose  1 tiger shark est. 150 kgs. 2 kingfish, 7 yellowfin.
Tina was fighting a tiger shark on 50 lb line for a long time, but eventually broke.

Wednesday 13th Oct  No competition today.

Neptune  1 sailfish, 15 kingfish, fished a short day,fishing North/
Eclare    4 sailfish, 11 kingfish, 5 bonito fishing North/
Tina    1 wahoo. 5 yellowfin fishing South Banks.
SnowGoose  1 kingfish, 2 yellowfin, fishing South.
Snark   5 sailfish, 2 yellowfin, fishing North
>From the above it is clear that the sailfish are North of Malindi, and although the boats fishing South saw a few sailfish, they never got any. No question where they will all be heading tomorrow.

Thursday 14th Oct.  The tournament continues today the 3 rd day.

Neptune 3 sailfish, 5 kingfish, 2 yellowfin, 2 barracuda, 2 queenfish.
Eclare  1 kingfish, 2 koli koli, 2 barracuda, fly fishing
Tarka  3 sailfish
Tina  2 sailfish, 2 wahoo, 2 kingfish, 1 yellowfin, 1 giant trivially.
Snark  4 sailfish, 2 wahoo.
SnowGoose  4 sailfish, 2 wahoo, 2 kingfish, 2 yellowfin, 1 barracuda.
Eclare was fly fishing all day.

Friday 15th Oct. 4th and last day of the tournament. Rained in the morning 0.70 pts  As expected all boats heading North

Neptune 5 sailfish and some other bits and pices
Eclare   9 sailfish, 1 kingfish, 1 barracuda, 5 bonito.
Tarka   5 Sailfish, 1 yellowfin
Tina   2 sailfish
SnowGoose  1 sailfish, 1 kingfish, 1 baracudda.
Snark  2 sailfish.

Saturday 16th Oct. Fairly calm in the Bay this morning. Winds light, SE, overcast. Measured 0.30 pts of rain.

Neptune and Eclare started in Ngomeni. Neptune had 5 sailfish and popped a few more on 20 lb line. They also popped a 20 lb  line on a nice Black Marlin of about 100 kgs. Eclare had 2 sailfish and came back into Malindi. Lots of white bait and many sailfish seen today, but very difficult.

Sunday 17th Oct. Sunny and calm with light winds. Only Neptune and Eclare fishing today.

Generally a good week. The Malindi Madness tournament was successful, and I think 52 sailfish were caught over the 4days.
I must remind you all that the next week end the Malindi Sea Fishing Club will be hosting the International Fishing Festival on the 23rd and 24th October Sponsored yet again by C.M.C. Holdings. The Churchill Cup  Light tackle tournament sponsored by Avanta - Alan Sibley, Simba  Sportfishing - Mark Allen, and Kulalu Camp - Tina Allen. The MSFC Annual General Meeting will be on Thursday afternoon just before the auction for the Churchill Cup. If conditions come right there will be plenty of fish caught in the tournament. We hope to see all of you here for a fun weekend.

The ringnet problem has not been solved. On Tuesday I went to the meeting which was to be chaired by the DC. Well, he was not available, so having talked  to the DO for a while together with the Fisheries Officer it was decided to hold a meeting on Thursday with the DC . Many people came to this meeting, including a good turnout form Watamu, particularly the Diving community. The DC arrived one and half hours late and was unaware of what the meeting was all about. When the reason for the meeting was explained to him, amid some very heated comments, he decided to meet with representatives from both sides in his office at 9 am on Monday morning. He did however order the ring net boat in Malindi to go back to the Sail Rock area. In this last week, this one boat has taken many tons of Barracuda, kolikoli, etc from the waters around Malindi reefs, leaving the Malindi fishermen very disturbed. They realize that those ringnetters will destroy their fishing grounds and then move on and do the same again elsewhere. Pity that the Government can not understand this, or are there other factors involved which we do not know about. I hear that Mafia Island, once a real jewel for fishermen, is now all but destroyed by the ring net, and that Latham Island is being hammered by long liners and Purse Seiners. Can we not learn from the mistakes of others.
The trawlers continue ever closer to shore in the name of research/

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